Quick Overview About The Requirements Of Australian Visitor Visas

The most crucial thing you need to figure out while looking for Visitor Visa 600 is what kind of visitor visa you are looking for. There are various kinds of Visitor visas and depending on your purpose, you must find out the correct visa that suits your requirement. Failing to do so might lead to a breach in applying for a Visa. As a result, your application can either be delayed or worse enough, be canceled. This is a guide to help you sort your requirements and develop a brief idea about each of the visitor visas.

Why Do You Need To Sort Among Visas?

There are various kinds of visitor visas. Each have different set of requirements and grant periods. You have to abide by the designated rules set for each Visa. If you are applying under visitor visa subclass 600, you must be aware of the tenure of your Visa and the ways in which you can extend that application. This Visa facilitates your temporary stay which is determined by a number of factors as set by the Department of Home Affairs.

Factors Determined For a Temporary Stay in Australia

Tenure and Purpose of Stay

Your Visa should sound proper and genuine regarding the reason of your stay in Australia. You must mention the time limit of your stay and attach circumstantial evidence of your details along with it. The Visa officers would need details of your sponsor support, any kind of support letter from your institution or company, the place you are staying, your booking details, itinerary and so on. It is mandatory for you to provide all these details.

History of Previous Travels and Compliance

If you have experience of visiting other countries or Australia previously, the chances of getting the Visa approved gets higher. It is important that you mention your travel history – the countries you have visited and compliance.

Your State Of Being In Your Own Country

The Visa officer conducts a thorough checking of your background for which you need to produce details of your status back in your own country. Details of your bank status, education details, employment status, details of your family members, and records of any assets are important. These details are needed to understand your overall situation and your whether you have any incentive to return back to your own country.

These are some of the basic fact checking documents that are required in order to determine whether you are eligible to apply for the Visa subclass 600 or not.

Details of the Validity of Your Visa

With the tourist Visa 600, you are permitted to stay in Australia for 6 months. If you wish to extend the period of your stay up to 12 months, you need to apply for it differently. Let us look at the conditions this Visa allows:

  • The 6 month validated Visa can be extended up to 12 months from the time it is issued.
  • In the period of 12 months, you can travel to and from Australia any number of times you like.
  • During each visit, staying as long as up to 6 months is also allowed. You can do either.

Things You Need In Order To Avail the Visa

This is a very important thing that you must do: compile all your documents and produce them before the Visa officer. You CANNOT forget ANY document at all because that will directly affect your application for a visitor Visa approval. To be on the safe side, consult an effective migration agent Perth who will guide you all about the DOs and DONT’s while applying for a Visa. An expert guide will take you through the procedure, suggesting you about the Visa interview with their experience and training. Let us look at the basic conditions you have to adhere to before you proceed towards applying for your visitor visa 600 –

  • You have to limit your purposes to be strictly tourism and not work related at all.
  • You have to produce details of your bank and funding details, if there are any. This is required as a proof to show that you are able to sustain your living while you are in Australia.
  • If you are staying under the care or hospitality of someone, their residential and every other details are required as well.
  • While you are in Australia, you are prohibited from spending more than 3 months studying.
  • People above the age of 75 must have medicals approved.
  • In case you have records of unlawful activities or crime of any order, that evidence must be provided.

Types of Visitor Visas Available

In Australia, there are several kinds of visitor Visas available like Business Visitor, Visitor Stream, family sponsored stream or medical treatment visa.

What Steps To Take After Applying For The Visa?

After you apply for Visa, take the required health exams, attach the documents asked and try to avoid making mistakes. If you make any, don’t worry. You will be given a time extension within which you would have to finish supplying all the required documents. Consult an immigration agent Perth to help you apply for a Visa in case your early visa gets rejected. You can always apply again for a Visa.

What To Do If Your Visitor Visa Gets Rejected?

If your visa gets rejected, you may have the provision of applying for it again. But this time, you have to be extra cautious. You have to find out why your Visa was rejected in the first place. The identification is the first step you need to take. Next, you have to proceed towards correcting it. Whether you have missed out on information, provided the wrong information or failed to meet the financial ends, you have to sort that. Being financially stable in order to visit Australia is very important. Next time, be sufficiently funded before you apply for it. Provide all the details. Get the help of the best migration agent Perth to learn more about this in order to avoid making further mistakes.

With the help of Visa consultant Perth, finish your application as soon as possible and fulfil the dreams of enjoying the ethereal beauty of Australia.