Bottle feeding for puppies: Check some instructions about their care

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The weaning of the puppy begins naturally between 3 and 5 weeks. Before this age, the baby feeds exclusively on breast milk. However, different reasons can prevent natural breastfeeding (abandoned puppy, too many pups in the litter…). In this case, you will need to bottle feeding him until he is weaned. How to proceed? How frequently? Let’s take stock of elongated nipples.

The different methods of bottle feeding a puppy

During his first weeks of life, you will need to bottle feed your puppy up to 8 times a day. To feed it properly, and to avoid bad swallowing,

How often to bottle feeding

The puppy needs proper care and attention. it can suck up to 20 times a day, Fortunately, with a bottle, such a frequency will not be necessary. Puppy owners need to use the best bottle along with elongated nipples.

  • Less than a week: we recommend 7 to 8 bottles per day, every 3 to 4 hours.
  • The second week: you can switch to 6 bottles.
  • Third week: 5 bottles will be sufficient.
  • The fourth week: offer 4 bottles per day.

How to choose a suitable milk?

It is not about using just any milk to feed the puppy. As with a child, cow’s milk is banned: it does not contain enough fats and proteins. You can simply go for powdered puppy formula, which is available on the market. Once the milk is reconstituted with water, it will keep for a maximum of 24 hours in the refrigerator. If this is the case, do not forget to take the preparation out about 15 minutes before the meal, so that the milk returns to room temperature. For the first few days of life, also consider administering artificial colostrum. This substance is naturally secreted by the bitch just after birth and has many antibodies, which are very important for immunizing her young. You can also find it in pet stores.

The amount of milk to give and weaning

Depending on his age, the young dog will not drink the same amount from each bottle. You can check this information on the packaging of the formula. To make sure that the little one is getting enough food, weigh it every day at a fixed time, and note its weight carefully, making a curve. You will be able to check day after day that its growth is quite regular.

From 3 to 4 weeks old, the puppy is able to lap on its own. You can then give him the milk directly in a low bowl. It is also at this age that the process of weaning gradually begins. Gradually integrate solid food into the puppy’s diet. Initially, you can for example start with dry food mixed with infant formula and then with water.

Good insurance for your puppy

Taking care of your puppy obviously means providing him with the best nutrition every day, but that’s not all. Dog insurance is highly recommended to protect your furball at any time. At Carrefour Assurance, we offer dog and cat health insurance tailored to your needs.

For the oral health of your dog, which treats to choose?

You can also offer your dog treats specially developed to maintain his oral health. They meet his natural need to gnaw while maintaining his teeth. These “toothbrush” treats come in the form of sticks or chewable strips. They reduce the formation of dental plaque in your doggie who chews them. Result: healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath!

Our advice:  remember to choose them according to the size of your dog and make sure that a bowl of freshwater is always available. And yes, it makes you thirsty to gnaw sticks!