Significance of PMP Certification in Your Career

With time, the demand for PMP project managers is increasing because they are capable of handling more than three-fourth of high-performing projects. 

Not only this, but it also observed that companies with more than one-third PMP certified managers have better project success when compared to the companies who do not have. 

At some point in the career, almost all project managers think of getting some sort of project management certification. The project management professional (PMP) certification, is considered the most recognized project management certification across the world. 

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You need to know that PMP certification plays a vital role in your career and the below-stated points prove this:

It adds value to your resume

Throughout your career, you can pursue several professional certifications. But you need to know that PMP certification is one of the most valuable certificate programs. 

Project management jobs are high in demand nowadays and if you have PMP certification, your resume is shortlisted easily when compared to other candidates. This means PMP certification adds great value to your resume. 

Contributes to higher revenue

One of the biggest advantages of PMP certification is that it offers high salary to the project managers than other employees available in the industry. Across all industries, the average salary of a certified project manager is significantly higher. 

Not only this, but the certified project managers earn almost 20% more when compared to non-certified ones. 

Offers industry recognition

PMP certification is recognized universally. There are several certification programs that concentrate only on a particular domain or geography. 

On the other hand, PMP is worldwide and works with all types of industry and in all locations. This means that irrespective of professional background and industry, you can gain by just adding PMP certification to your resume.  

If you are starting your career in project management then make sure to work hard in order to attain a new level in your company. 

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