Are you getting your home renovated? Follow these tips for all the different rooms.

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Home renovation is a long, expensive, yet almost adventurous task. From deciding on the new layout, imagining how it would actually look to seeing your newly renovated house would surely be fascinating for everyone. As much fun as it sounds, it is one of those things where you need to decide everything prudently and after due consideration so that you don’t end up in a situation where you don’t like the result. This makes it essential to get a reputed renovation company to get the desired results and the help of an expert. An expert would help you get your thoughts and ideas into an actual layout and plan while accomodating the feasibility of those ideas. Your new home needs to fulfil all your expectations and needs while being under the decided budget. This would help you prevent going overboard and ending up with a big receipt of items you might not be able to afford.

If you are getting your entire home renovated, every room needs to be taken up individually to get the best results. It would also be instrumental in ensuring that the plan of the entire home fits together. Here are the top renovation tips you should follow for every room of your home:

The kitchen

The kitchen of your home is the place that everyone would love to visit. Be it for casual snacking, having their meals or their drinks; it is one of the places that see high traffic.

  • Your kitchen needs to be a functional space and have a layout that contributes to the movement. For example, your utensils should not be far away from the stove, leading to a round trip whenever you want to take out the pan or any other thing.
  • The colour scheme of the kitchen should fit with each other. For example, the walls, cabinets and countertops should be of complementary shades.
  • Adopt a modern theme or a contemporary one, whichever suits your needs. Adopting a theme would help your architect design the entire kitchen based on it.

Living room

  • Decide on the layout first and then integrate things like entertainment, seating, fireplace, etc.
  • The seating space, the sofas or chairs, should complement the shade of the walls so that they do not look odd or forced.
  • Adding a fireplace would help add that rustic element, while a large plasma TV would help give that modern look. Decide the aesthetic you want for the living room.

The bathroom

  • Decide the things you want to add, a shower or a tub, according to space.
  • Add ventilation elements into your bathroom as they are of utmost importance.
  • The glass or marble tops, contemporary tiles, sturdy and gripping flooring are significant elements to keep in mind.

The basement

  • Use your basement to add a new room, a storage space, an entertainment centre or even a gym.
  • Get your basement renovated for additions into your home without buying any extra space.
  • Decide the way you want to use the space and hire an architect to turn those plans into reality.

The bedrooms

  • The bedrooms should suit the needs of the individual occupying them. Take the suggestions and needs of everyone before deciding on a plan.
  • Design the layout so that it takes up the least space, making the rooms look larger.
  • Add dressing spaces, cabinets and storage into the plan to ensure that they do not look forced with the design.