Role of SME Finance in The Growth of The Indian Economy

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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in the development of the Indian economy, responsible for generating substantial employment (nearly 110 million), exporting goods, creating new ways for innovation and boosting inclusive growth. SME contributes approximately 30% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 

The SME Act was introduced to ensure easy credit facility to small and medium units, ensuring the development and promotion of a business. Through this act, the Government of India encourages several small and medium units to register themselves to get access to SME finance, and other facilities.

Widely touted as the ‘engine of growth’, this sector provides a considerable solution to a number of issues like income inequalities, regional imbalances etc., in a developing country like India. Below is discussed the significant role SME finance plays in the Indian economy’s growth. 

Employment opportunities 

SME sectors hold a large employment base in India. As per recent data, approximately 36 million SMEs generate 80 million employment opportunities in India. To be precise, this sector is responsible for engaging the second-largest employees (comparatively at a lower capital cost than large enterprises) of the workforce after agriculture. SMEs in India function mostly in the unorganised sector and serve as the primary source of livelihood for millions of people. 

Balancing economic development

For many years, large enterprises gained considerable financial support, but the government’s intervention in a small business sector and in providing SME finance has changed the Indian economy’s face considerably. Development of SMEs contributed to India’s socio-economic development. Small enterprises have been successful in providing social goals of equitable growth. The outcome of it can be perceived in the industrialisation of backward and rural classes through the assurance of equitable distribution of national wealth and reduction in the regional economic imbalances. 

Accelerating exports 

Small and Medium Enterprises serve as an integral part of the Indian economy in terms of supply chain and contribute approximately 40% of total exports. With an increasing number of government initiatives to fuel this sector by providing SME finance and other consumer-friendly schemes, production rate has improved significantly. 

Encouraging new business 

SME finance encourages small businesses by continuously upgrading business set-up, infrastructure, buying new machinery, acquiring the latest technology. This, in turn, helped to enhance the competitiveness of SME enterprises. With easy credit facility and other factors, this sector supported small units, which eventually boosted the Indian economy’s growth. 

It is an undeniable fact that the government has introduced several schemes, subsidies and other incentives, various financial products like SME loans to support and encourage the SME units. However, the stringent MSME loan eligibility criteria and extensive documentation to avail the SME financing from government bodies sometimes create hindrances for small business owners, especially those who do not maintain financial records or register themselves. 

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In the past few years, this SME sector has performed well and contributed considerably to the growth of the Indian economy. With further support and easy availability of SME finance, the sector can grow further and bolster the economy more.