Four Smart Tips to Keep Wildlife Away from Your Residential Property

Just like humans, animals look for a comfortable place to thrive. Food and shelter are their basic needs, and they wander around for hundreds of miles to achieve that. So, if you get to see an opossum in your garden or experience an unusual raccoon attack in your backyard, despite located away from wild areas, don’t be surprised. They might have made it to your house from a nearby tree searching for something to eat.  

You don’t have to attack them to shoo away. There are humane ways to get rid of them. Take a wildlife removal service, for instance. Even if you have the slightest suspicion of a pest or wild animal presence in your house, they can inspect in and around the area, identify the signs, track them, and safely take away the uninvited invaders. It is hard to match their level of skill, I must say.

However, there is a lot you can do as a means of prevention and deter them from hanging around. Let us discuss this in detail.

  1. Remove Bird Feeders

If you have prior experience of encountering mice, rats, or squirrels in and around your house, be aware at all times. Remove bird feeders from your lawn that attract all pests and at times, traffic of birds. If not, then set it up far away from your patio furniture and back door. Or serve a feed that is specific to the bird only, nothing that is mixed. That way, you can still enjoy the beautiful chirping of birds every morning without having to deal with rodents.

  • Secure Trash Cans

In rural and outer city areas, bears are common sights and leaving your pets’ food bowls, garbage boxes, and meal leftovers dumped outside can further provoke their instincts. If not bears, expect raccoons. They are pretty intelligent and have been reported to open home doors and windows skillfully. So, you have to put a heavy stone or a few bricks on top of the lid to stop these wily creatures from opening it up.

  • Cut Off Overgrown Shrubs and Trees

Shrubbery that you planted to enhance the landscape a few months back can anytime be a homely space for animals to hide, especially notorious ones like snakes as they love shady and cool areas. A well-manicured and cleaned garden is what you need to ensure to take away the element of privacy for pesky insects and reptiles; because even if they don’t enter your home, they can cause expensive damage to your lawn.

  • Install Fencing

Fences are your best bet when it comes to keeping almost any wild animal at bay. Depending on the animal that troubles you often, you may choose the area to fence. You can either fence the perimeter of your entire house or just the areas wild animals are constantly attacking. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the quality of fencing is sturdy and buried underground properly. Your wildlife control will be successful to a great extent with this.