How to maintain your chimney and ensure its long life?

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A chimney or a fireplace in the cold winter months provides comfort and warmth like no other. It is an economical and cosy heating solution in many homes. Also, there is nothing better than to curl up near the fireplace with your favourite book in the winter. A fireplace makes up for a significant element in every interior design. It adds a rustic element and is an excellent choice for the home following that theme. Also, it is a necessity in colder places where the temperature reaches harsh limits. It helps keep the room warm and provide for a great attraction too.

A fireplace is a necessity in the holidays where the entire family gathers around and celebrates. Especially during Christmas time, a chimney makes up for a perfect spot to place the tree. All these things signify the benefits of a chimney in a home. It is essential to maintain your chimney for better usage and long life. The maintenance is easy to do following some common tips. Also, it is vital to hire a reputed chimney installation service. It will help you get a good service and have the results you want. Hiring an amateur might cost less, but it will harm the look of your room inf the job isn’t done correctly.

Follow these tips to maintain the health of your chimney:

Your fireplace damper should be working efficiently.

A fireplace damper helps in the proper functioning of a chimney. It prevents unwanted foreign particles from entering your home. Also, these elements can get stuck in the chimney, which is not ideal. Ensure that your chimney has an active damper and if not, get it now. You can get a repair service if it is damaged. It will help in the release of the smoke and also prevent it from staying inside the room.

Use a chimney cap

A chimney cap is on the roof, and it partially blocks the entrance. It is an efficient method to prevent small animals and insects from getting inside. Also, along with the damper, it allows the release of the smoke.

Use dried out wood only.

Use the wood pieces that are seasoned and entirely dried off. It will help create fire quickly and prevent the smoky ones. Choose the logs that a dried out for chimneys for at least a year. They are the perfect choice for a cosy fire in the room.

Get regular chimney sweeps.

Chimney sweeps can help you get a professional service and maintain the health of the fireplace. They will identify and get rid of blockage or creosote. It is crucial to get chimney sweeping services at least once a year to avoid any build-ups and ensure convenient use of the chimney.

Clean the firebox

You should clean the firebox once a month for ease of use. It is better to leave a little ash as it helps the coals grasp the heat quickly. It is essential to clean it as you don’t want the ash to stay there. It will only affect the working of the fireplace and ease of its usage.