Everything A Beginner Need To Know About Animation

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Are you curious to know about animation? If yes, then this article is helpful for you. So, read the full article to get the chance of everything a beginner need to know about animation. Animations lead to the imagination, what you imagine, you can apply. For creating animation, you need to choose the best animation software which contains unlimited features for animation.

In previous times, it was hard to learn animation because it was very costly. And that time, there was no source to learn animation free of cost. But there are many sources by which you can learn this creativity at home or free of cost. You can become an animator, artist, comic animator, and filmmaker. And you can also go to the other profession which you choose after learning animation.

You can choose software like Clip Studio Paint Debut and photoshop for learning animations. Both these tools are made for beginner purposes. But, Clip Studio Paint Debut has more features as compared to Photoshop. You can learn animation from Youtube and make it with the animated tool.

Steps to apply Animation

  1. First, choose the text or image on which you want to apply animation
  2. Then, click on the animation option
  3. Tab the animation effect which you want to select
  4. Move the cursor animation option to see the preview
  5. After this, click on the effect

Best 4 kinds of Animations

Now create your masterpiece and convert your ideas into a different form. If you are a beginner or professional, you need to know about everything related to animation. These all are the basic features which you can get a Clip studio paint debut at a reasonable price.

2-D Animation

2-D is the old or traditional method of creating animation. For this type of creativity, an animator should be an expert in drawing. In this method, a pencil or real paper is needed because it is hand-drawn animation.

This field has fewer job opportunities as it requires a high skill of drawing.

3-D Animation

This is the newest form of doing animation on the computer screen. For creating 3-D animation, there is no need for the skill of learning drawing. In this animation, your puppet plays the main role. As you know that 3-D means the items which you feel it is real and it appears on the computer screen.

Motion Graphic

As the word describes motion graphics, you can understand it is related to movement. It is the best feature if you want to make ppt file for school or college. This helps to move the text, titles, and logos of the story. You can create an informative and attractive ppt file with the help of an animated tool.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is the collection of different images and formed them together to create a flipbook. An animator clicks the images of the object to show the movement takes place in images. This animation technique requires high-level concentration and focus on how to create a proper flipbook.

Why Clip Studio Paint Debut is important?

Clip Studio Paint Debut is best for the beginner because it is easy to use. You can create your masterpiece and make animations with your imagination skills. There are many designs and colorful brushes are available which you can try to do creativity.

With the help of Clip Studio Paint Debut, there are many ways to make illusion and flipbook also. Also, try 3-D animations and different colorful layers. This is the natural way to make animation and create drawing whether it is 2-d or 3-d. If you find any difficulty, then you can take the advice from the expert tutorial.

Clip Studio Paint Debut price

No, Clip Studio Paint Debut is not free. It charges prices but has some steps which they follow before charging any cost. Clip Studio Paint is a one-time purchase its price is $39.99 after this, you have to renew the plan. This animator software gives 30 days free trial to all the users. And when you buy the plan then you got 3 months free scheme and have to pay a charge from the 4 months.