9 Cool Blue Shade Handmade Artworks

In colour therapy, blue evokes pureness, clarity, increased intuition. Blue hues add a calming and welcoming effect, whether you consider deep navy that entails a touch of drama or pale robin’s egg that gives you more subtle space. Visually appealing and powerful, the colour set the tone for your home interiors no matter your theme. Whether you are looking for the airy feel or contrasting decorating scheme, blue palettes of aquamarine or dusky bluebell are sure to enhance your walls’ aesthetic. If you can’t revamp the entire wall with blue, a blue shaded abstract art is a sure way to highlight the wall and create a captivating focal point.

Our brilliantly cool blue handmade artworks are sure to inspire you to douse into your walls and create tranquil and stunning spaces. 

  • Oceanic blue 

Don’t overpower a room with bright oceanic colour, instead, position a wall art in front of your bedroom window or above sofas in your living area that can help temper the intensity of the solid neutral background. 

  • Chic turquoise

Beautifully crafted textured flowered trees with turquoise shades add to perfection. The mix of patterns and colours gives a lot of whimsical charm, fun, and sophisticated. Blend it with modern bedroom designs or soothing living room areas. 

  • Royal Blue

When blue plays with subtle colours, the result can be soft and sweet or dark and intense. The combination of colour tones makes a striking appearance without dominating the colour while highlighting the plant’s artistic silhouettes. 

  • Mix and match shades of blues

Don’t limit with one shade of blue, mix the shades of a beautifully crafted flower garden that can slow your pace and give you a calming effect. The blue palette allows us to focus on the incredible texture and architecture of a statement piece. The soothing tones and shapes throughout make both understated and bold artwork. 

  • Blue with orange

Have you heard about the opposite attracts? Well, we can see that relationship and energy in this blue shade wall art online. Keep everything neutral and then opt for this blue, orange decorative piece with high-end contrast. If you are intrigued by blue and orange but unsure how to pull it off, nothing can be better than this four-piece heavily textured artwork. 

  • Trendy Blue and grey 

The safest and trendiest blue and grey have been topping charts for several years. These colours can complement any style and theme from a smart nursery, kids room, bedroom, living room etc. Smart, chic and soothing grey and blue artwork emphasize modern or contemporary living areas while delivering warmth and cheerful vibes. 

  • Cool blue 

Looking for something gorgeous and bright that creates an attractive focal point? The timeless piece is sworn by glossy blue with a black backdrop that complements any decor and works in just any space. The timeless and versatile glossy jellyfish is effortlessly stylish and an eye-catching statement piece. 

  • Naturalistic ocean blue 

Bring some ocean waves into your home and office. Create a vocational vibe and embrace the easy, breezy oceanic ambience around. The realistic and amazing waves have a talent for capturing the power and motion of the sea. The tranquil and peaceful colour adds charm to your walls and ensures they look engrossing. 

In a nutshell,

Woven in blue colours create crispiness while counterbalances with rustic and modern themes. Blue hues, combined with other tints, add a splash of drama and edge to blue shade wall arts online