Why You Should Use Intelligent Office

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An intelligent office (IO) system is a modern technology businesses embrace day by day to improve their service delivery. The system comes with a variety of functionalities focused on the back office, point of sale, ongoing servicing of clients, and pre-sales advice. However, it doesn’t provide in-built financial planning tools but offers the best integration mechanism to third-party planning tools. Also, the system helps to automate the process any advice company would wish to go through by using and re-using data to minimize the need for data re-entry.

Any business should visit Intelligent Office today and acquire a system that will significantly impact its operations. There is a variety of benefits of having an intelligent office that any business need not miss. The following are fundamental reasons why a company needs to use an intelligent office.

Huge time and cost savings

The intelligent office is designed in a way that it can streamline all the company’s administration processes. It can manage these tasks right from the initial stage of finding facts to new business submissions. Additionally, the intelligent office obtains quotes, matches the income and fees, and acquires valuations meant to produce MI and RMAR reports. The ability to take care of these processes means that a business can concentrate on growing, meeting its goals without experiencing any issues.

Built-in flexibility to use tools a user wants

Flexibility is an essential component in business operations. Rigidity is a common thing that affects many businesses as they fear to adapt to changes. On the other hand, an intelligent office is a unique system with a complex design that ensures flexibility as you can use multiple tools at the same time. It allows over 450 plus ‘best of breed’ integrations with product providers, funds, popular quote portals, and wealth management tools. Additionally, it fosters more amalgamations based on adviser requests.

Market-leading income reconciliation

Intelligent office basically has the powerful fee matching reconciliation and income functionality across the entire marketplace. Over the past years, millions and millions of income and fees processed have shown great improvement. For example, in 2017, there were approximately $910 million of income and fees processed, which totaled to about 65% of the industry’s electronic statements. The improvement is proof that the intelligent office system has continuously gained popularity due to its flexibility and usefulness.

Systems that grow with you

When you wish to employ an intelligent office system in your business, you have to realize that it’s a scalable technology. It works with any size of a business and distribution model. It doesn’t matter what type of business you might be running. It’s proven to be suitable for independent businesses, tied or mortgage advisers, as well as national and product providers. You don’t have to worry about the size of your company or the services you intend to provide. The system is effective in making sure that it grows with your business till it’s established. Therefore, having an intelligent office system can act to your benefit and enable it to meet its goals.