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For each parent – his child is the most talented and gifted And most children, in turn, love to be in the spotlight and are only happy to demonstrate their talents to the public “like real artists”. And this is especially true of singing – children love to sing and sing songs from their favorite cartoons with pleasure. But few parents think that just as we capture memorable moments in photographs, it is possible to record a song performed by children!

We offer services

Recording a child’s singing in a professional studio will provide an opportunity not only to record the first song, but also to shoot your video or mp3 release a disc. Someone sees in their child a future athlete, someone a dancer. But any talent must be able to discern and not let it disappear. So give your child the opportunity to reveal themselves and their talent in singing. In a professional studio, you can:

  • record vocals;
  • order vocal processing;
  • create backing tracks and phonograms;
  • to record the playing of the instruments;
  • order a song arrangement;
  • order the editing of music for the production;
  • record a musical greeting.

Young talents at 44PRO studio

Children begin to hum melodies as soon as they begin to pronounce the first words. Encouraging singing is very important: it improves mood, oxygenates the body and improves overall well-being, even boosts immunity. Not to mention such well-known things as the development of memory, attention and speech. The sooner you start singing seriously with your child, the more useful it will be for him. Our recording studio is comfortable and homely. So both you and your baby will feel “at home” while recording. Depending on the effect you want, professional studio processing can emphasize natural sounding. Or, if the recording is not for the “home collection”, but for the competition, we will add special effects, we can correct the sound oversights. Those. carry out multi-stage work and create a full-fledged song in a professional arrangement.

For this, at your request, poems can be written, music for them and every little thing perfected. The lyrics are written taking into account the age of the child. The song for your child will be matched with a comfortable key. You will be presented with several options, from which you will choose the best one. By the way, you can take part in your child’s project and support him by singing with him.

Choosing a studio and preparing a child for recording

Not all studios work with kids, therefore, when choosing a studio, be sure to clarify this point. How to prepare the child himself:

  • • The song must be perfectly learned. Including – intonation, diction. You will not have time for rehearsals, because this is already a recording, you need a result.
  • • It is always easiest for a child to sing for the first time. Those. then, when the child sings, he already begins to get tired, bored and make mistakes. Therefore, you need to write right away, from a trial first time, and then you can re-sing specific failed parts.
  • • A small child should know the song well enough to sing it from any place. Older children can write text on a piece of paper.
  • • Please note that a six to seven year old child will not be able to work in the studio for more than an hour. So just focus on one song at a time.
  • • Be sure to sing with your child, let him warm up his voice.
  • It can be difficult for a child to work in the studio early in the morning or late at night, this is also important to consider.
  • • Mood is a very important factor in recording. Therefore, a child’s well-being and mood are essential.
  • • At the time of recording a song, the child is wearing headphones with a soundtrack and will not hear your prompts – take this into account. The child should be able to perform the song on his own.
  • • The sound engineer is not a vocal teacher and cannot know perfectly all possible songs and how they should be performed correctly. Therefore, it is better to come to the appointment with the child’s teacher. He will tell you where the weak points are and what needs to be covered.

Good experience

Recording a child in the studio is not limited to the simple fact of creating a professional song – you reveal the potential of the child, give him the opportunity to express himself and materialize his talent. Perhaps the first recording of a child’s vocals will become a kind of springboard on the way to much more.

Whether this recording will delight you and your grown-up child later, or will it help you succeed in a competition or at a performance, it will be a memorable nostalgic recording like an album with children’s photos. And the very process of recording in the studio is an exciting adventure for a child, which he will definitely not forget. After all, childhood passes quickly, and the disc with their children’s audio recordings will remain for life.