Some of the ways people break their phone

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Our phones are no longer just a method of communication; they have also become our lifelines. Carrying them around with our faces riveted on the screen, it’s all too easy for incidents to occur, resulting in our favourite electronic asset being permanently ruined. Have you ever cracked the screen on your phone? If you nodded in response to the question, you’re not alone. Many people claim to have broken their phones, some in the most bizarre of ways. Here are the top 5 unique and sometimes hilarious ways to destroy a phone.

Dropping smartphone on floor: 

We must admit that we’ve all done it, including me, at some point throughout our phone’s life. Have you ever bought a new phone and, while waiting for the case or just before installing the glass protector, dropped it and watched it shatter into a million pieces, despite never having cracked a screen before in your life? Yes, same! Understandably, there are always choices for iPhone repair or replacement, but it’s a dark time for you. You do not understand what you should do during this time, and you won’t be able to contact anyone or access your data. This is the most prevalent method we destroy our phones and is at the top of our list. To summarise, always buy a nice impact proof case and tempered glass screen protector while your phone is brand new and apply them right away.

Water damage outdoors or dropping your mobile into the toilet

This is yet another well-known example. Let’s face it: many of us have taken our phones to the bathroom to fit in another game or Facebook post. When you’re passing the time, it’s great, but when you hear it drop into the toilet bowl, it’s dreadful. Women who unwittingly have their phone tucked away in their back pocket, and due to the activities that would naturally occur prior to the deed, the phone would undoubtedly become particularly vulnerable to going for a swim, are by far the most prevalent source of liquid damage. Others have said that spills are a major part in their phone’s demise. There are numerous ways for a phone to become wet, ranging from leaking bottles in bags to being doused with beer at a pub. You can also drop them in washing machines, tubs etc. and all of them are dangerous and hazardous places for our phones when it comes to getting a soaking. Unsurprisingly, mobile phone companies are now coming out with water resistant properties. 

Throwing it in a fit of rage or excitement

Watching sports, going to a concert, being angry with a partner, and partying hard are just a few of the ways we damage our phones. In fact, it appears to be a major problem for many people. We’ve all been there: your team has just lost a game or your favourite song comes on and it’s a frenzied run to the dance floor, so what do you do? Take the most precious, breakable object in your possession—which happens to be your phone—and take it on a journey it was not meant for.

It falls off a table or your lap

When sitting down, another regular occurrence is having your phone fall off a bar, table, or your lap. Phones are sleek things to begin with, but once we aren’t holding them as if they are controlling our heartbeat, we have to put them down somewhere. When it comes to the longevity of our phones, slick phones and shining table tops do not mix well. When I’m sitting down, I seem to subconsciously believe that my lap is the greatest location to store my phone, and it appears that you do as well. I go about my business until it’s time to go on, and I forget that my phone is even there for a short period. So while standing up I drop my phone and BAM! Here it goes sliding across the floor. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes but most people would agree and are ashamed to admit that this is a daily occurrence. 



Explained above are the ways in which people break their phones and the possible reasons behind them. You should try to avoid all these problems and be vigilant while using your smartphones otherwise you might get them broken.