Candy Crush: Your Guide to Sweet Flavored Vapes

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Did you know that the market for vaping will reach an estimated $60 billion in revenues by the year 2025? With more people quitting harmful cigarettes for vaping, the flavor combinations for vaping have only gotten more creative over the years.

Are you interested in flavored vapes on the sweet side, but you do not know where to begin? Here are some of the best sweet e-juice flavors that will pack a satisfying punch when you inhale them.

Experiment with Fruity Flavors

You can’t go wrong with a fruity vape flavor based on your favorite fruits in real life. These are some of the most widely available juices because they are a singular flavor.

Some of the most popular fruity vape juices include strawberry, pineapple, and watermelon. Many people like to mix fruity vape flavor combinations to get juices like a piƱa colada or strawberry banana smoothie.

Go for Classic Tobacco

If you gave up cigarettes for vaping, you do not have to lose the taste of tobacco. In fact, you can get a sweeter, cleaner version with your vape juice. That way, you can have the best of both worlds while using an all-day vape rather than burning through cigarettes.

Many of these sweet e-juice flavors have a hint of vanilla or apple to enhance the flavor of the tobacco. These flavors will not create an artificial taste or compromise the dominant flavor of tobacco.

Try a Dessert Blend

For dessert lovers, sweet e-juice flavors may be the way to go if you want constant access to your favorite treats. Usually, these flavors are actually vape juice blends, meaning they are a mix of multiple e-juices. You can get flavors like key lime pie, birthday cake, or shakes and smoothies.

If you have some flavors you want to experiment with, try using your e-liquid and mixing them together at home. The customization opportunities are endless. You could find a new blend that is one-of-a-kind.

Staple Candy Flavors

Want a way to cut back on your sweets intake? The answer is simple: candy-flavored vape e-juices. A popular flavor amongst vape smokers is blue raspberry. This distinctly sour flavor, invented by the candy industry, is now a fruity vape juice.

You can also buy vape juice that is a direct replica of the flavors from your favorite candies. For instance, check out this vape product that copies the sensation of strawberry and watermelon hard candies.

Try a flavor like cotton candy or bubble gum to experience the distinct tastes of your childhood with your grown-up vaping device. You do not have to damage your teeth and eat too much sugar to enjoy the same flavors.

Find Your Favorite Flavored Vapes

When you get a vape, you should not have to worry about finding flavors that you will love. With this guide, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with dozens of options for any flavor profile.

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