Dhow Cruise Guide: The Best Way To Tour Dubai

Dubai is all about visiting one of the most glamourous cities that involves a state of the art monuments, sandy beaches, colorful streets, modernized buildings, amazing skylines, incredible shopping malls, and much more. All of these wonderful whereabouts can now be seen while being on a cruise. Dhow Cruise in Dubai is all about offering quality and standardized amusing experiences to the visitors by having scrumptious food, relaxing music, and entertaining events, and much more. The Dubai Dhow Cruise is all about turning your imagination of refreshing and luxury vacation into reality. Spending quality time with your loved ones on a luxury cruise is indeed what tourists desire while visiting Dubai and getting a true sense of elevation and peace. Let’s have a look at what the Dhow Cruise experience looks like.

About Dhow Cruise Experience 

Dhow Cruise is all about experiencing the quality stay at the mesmerizing cruise and embellished with gleaming lights and luxury aesthetics that will allow you to see the beauty of one of the most glamourous cities worldwide that is Dubai. The cruise involves two decks, one of the decks is completely air-conditioned and allows people to have delightful entertainment and wonderful live performances. The second deck of the cruise offers the tourists an open-air experience that allows you to have a refreshing breeze and soothing atmosphere.

Entertainment Options On Dhow Cruise

The Marina Dhow cruise companies offer consumers one of the most customizable and tailormade cruising experience and entertainment options to elevate their enjoyment truly. Whether you want to have a private setting for your loved ones or you want to arrange cruise space for a large group of people. The dhow cruise offers the visitors variety of entertainment options such as live music and DJ availability, live dances, and shows on the cruise, professionally trained belly dancing shows and also recently included Turkish group dance performance that is known as Tanura which is performed by trained Turkish dancers wearing gracefully decorated gowns.

Food Options And On Dhow Cruise 

The Dhow cruise offers the visitor quality entertainment along with an international quality dine-in experience to the tourists. The food menu is divided into various categories such as appetizers, main course, desserts. It also includes offering snacks and side orders with various famous and quality beverages and drinks including dates, coffee, Kehwah, cocktails, and much more. Kehwah is the most desired and quality drink offered to guests that represents the traditional heritage of Arabia. It is like coffee and appeals to customers with its delightful aroma and offers you an experience to remember for life.

Best Time To Explore Dhow Cruise

The Dhow Cruise Deira Creek in Dubai is one of the most loved experiences by tourists which can be availed throughout the day. This means that the visitors can have both luxuries dine and splendid sightseeing experience during both day and night time of the day. During the daytime, the visitors can thoroughly enjoy the incredible heritage and beautiful culture of Dubai along with its contemporary side. Whereas within the nighttime, the visitors can truly enjoy the entire city illuminated with glamourous and glittery lights giving the city an entirely vibrant vibe.

Few Highlights About Dubai Dhow Cruise

Following are top highlights that Dhow Cruise involves:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • National Bank of Dubai
  • Heritage Village
  • Sheikh Saeed’s House
  • Al Bastakiya District
  • Spice & Gold Souqs

Summing Up!

Dhow Cruise in Dubai is one of the most incredible experiences for the tourists while they plan to visit one of the most glamourous cities in the world along with their loved ones.

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