How to Use a Bitcoin ATM Machine in Oklahoma City?

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If you are in Oklahoma and want to do some urgent Bitcoin transactions, the best way is to locate a Bitcoin ATM in Oklahoma City. There are many advantages of using a crypto ATM to carry out your cryptocurrency transactions instead of using the services of an exchange. 

There are over 100 Bitcoin ATMs in and around Oklahoma City. You can find one by searching online using the term ‘Bitcoin ATM near Oklahoma City’. However, not all such ATMs are the same. Only a select few offer simple, user-friendly processes for Bitcoin transactions. You may have to do some research to know which of the crypto ATMs in Oklahoma are designed for a fast, smooth, and hassle-free transaction.

User-Friendly ATM For Best Experience

There are many types of Bitcoin ATMs of various manufacturers installed across Oklahoma City and its surroundings. An average user might find it difficult to grasp the process of buying Bitcoin if the procedure is not short and user-friendly. That’s why it is important to know which ATM to go to for enjoying a smooth BTC buying/selling experience.

The best BTC ATMs provide stepwise instructions in a very structured manner to users. They can follow these simple instructions to buy or sell BTCs or other popular cryptocurrencies. The first step is to tell the machine whether you want to buy or sell BTCs. Let’s assume you want to buy. Press the Buy Coins tab on the screen of the Bitcoin ATM to initiate the process. The next step is to enter the phone number you are using for the transaction. You will receive a text message with the code for verification. 

How To Receive Bitcoin

Upon verifying your number, you will have to set a four-digit pin or passcode to get access to your account. The next step is to decide which cryptocurrency you want to buy. Click on Bitcoin if you are investing in BTCs. The next, and perhaps the most important step, is to select the method of delivery of the cryptocurrency. You will have a few options that can be viewed on the ATM screen. 

  • Scan QR code on the phone wallet or any existing paper wallet
  • Create a paper wallet which involves creating a paper receipt with two QR codes
  • Manually enter the address where you wish to receive the coin

When you have completed this important step, you must make the payment for buying BTCs. User-friendly machines accept cash as the mode of payment. Insert the bills into the slot provided for the purpose, one bill at a time. When you have completed inserting the notes, click on ‘Finish’ to complete the transaction process.

You will receive the Bitcoin in your wallet immediately in most cases, but that will also depend on the wallet you are using. Some wallets may ask for multiple confirmations to complete the process.

Cryptobase ATM is one of the most trusted and popular BTC ATMs in Oklahoma and is used by a large number of cryptocurrency fans. To locate a Cryptobase ATM, simply search on the website and you will be directed to the nearest one near your current location.