Top Safety Precautions for Boating Adventures

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Most people head to the seas, lakes, or rivers to fish or have fun onboard a boat during summer. Before taking Duffy boat rentals Newport Beach, ensure you check the safety precautions first. From having safety gear to checking your vessel, you can prevent unnecessary dangers in the waters.

Important Boating Safety Tips

Be Sober

Avoid drinking alcohol when going for a boat ride. Alcohol use contributes to 15 % of boat accidents deaths yearly. In the case of an accident, intoxicated people may not be quick to save their lives.

Enroll in a Boating Safety Course

According to the U.S Coast Guard, 70% of boat accidents come from operation errors. These statistics show that most boaters do not have basic operations skills. There are various online boating safety courses you can enroll in for free.

Wear a Life Jacket

Life jackets help a person to keep afloat in case of an accident. So, every rider must have approved life jackets when boarding a vessel. Ensure the jacket fits your weight and height. For safety matters, carry along a bucket, flashlight, whistle, and duct tape to fix any leaks.

Check Weather Forecast

It is best to go for boat rides when it’s warm or sunny. However, you can’t predict when the weather will change. A calm ride can turn ugly when in the middle of the sea. So, ensure you heed warnings from weather forecasters. If there are chances of a storm, postpone your ride to a safer day. You must keep a dry bag backpack with you in order to protect your important things from rain, storm and rain.

Follow Safety Measures

The rules on the water are the same as those on the road. It is necessary to use common sense when operating a boat. Follow the speed limits, be alert and avoid using your mobile phones while operating a vessel. Be courteous of other boaters and swimmers and keep a safe distance.

Get a Boat Safety Check

Just like other machines, boats also require regular checks and maintenance. So, ensure your vessel is examined to detect any faults. The United States Power Squadrons and U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary offer free boat safety checks.

File a Float Plan

It is advisable to inform your close friends or relatives when you leave for boating adventures. If you don’t get back as planned, the safety officials can be notified immediately and take action. Also, ensure to have a VHF radio to alert the safety teams when in trouble.

Check For Carbon Monoxide

Internal engines emit carbon monoxide, a harmful gas that can make someone unconscious. So, open your boat’s hatches and release any accumulated gas.

Avoid Overloading the Boat

Each vessel has its own capacity restrictions. Ensure to load your vessel with the correct number of passengers or equipment. Overloading can make the boat lose balance, which may lead to accidents.

Going for a boating adventure is fun. However, it is important to take caution and observe boating safety measures to stay safe. Avoid taking alcohol, using a mobile phone, or over-speeding while on water. Also, ensure your vessel is checked by the correct authorities.