3 most common uses of Baking Soda you must know in 2021

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Baking Soda was commonly used for treating heartburn and acid reflux. Its traditional use was commercialized and over-dosed, resulting in the rise of unauthentic and sometimes bogus information. Some common misconceptions have also been busted through an in-depth explanation of the basic mechanism by which sodium bicarbonate works: some properties of this alkaline substance enable it to neutralize the acid produced by the digestive process and stop its effects on your stomach ulcers and other digestive ailments.

┬áHere’s a brief summary of how Sodium Bicarbonate can help treat ulcers and what it can’t. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be able to arm yourself with the right information to make the best use of Sodium Bicarbonate for treating digestive disorders like heartburn and acid reflux. The following are some main benefits of baking soda.

1-    It is good for pain

There are many uses of baking soda and it can also be used as a home remedy for other ulcer-related problems. You can also use it for healing wounds and to speed up the healing of the skin. Baking soda can also be used as an antiseptic agent when applied to minor burns and scratches. It can also be used for relieving the pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism. It can even relieve the pain of bee stings.

2-    Good for ulcers

Baking soda also plays a significant role in preventing the occurrence of acid reflux. By neutralizing the acid and digestive enzymes which are responsible for irritation, it is indeed a wonder substance. This substance neutralizes stomach juices and acids that are secreted by gastric juices. This neutralization helps to avoid damage to the esophagus. As a result, it prevents ulcerations and inflammation from occurring. Excessive use of baking soda make ulcers worse, therefore we should use it in a moderate way to avoid any kind of side effects. Furthermore, we should consult a doctor before using baking soda to cure ulcers.

3-    Good for harmful bacteria

Harmful bacteria can affect our health and fitness and baking soda is the best remedy in this regard. This is because soda helps to neutralize the acid in the digestive system. You can drink half a glass of this concoction or mix it into a cup of water and drink. The acid in soda helps to eliminate the toxins from your body and at the same time, it also helps to get rid of the harmful bacteria in the gut that causes ulcers.


In the end, we can say that soda does not have any known side effects. But if you are using it regularly, then this could affect your stomach’s health. In order to avoid having this problem, you should follow the recommendations of your doctor. If you are not sure whether or not you are allergic to baking soda, you can check out the ingredients of regular soda and see whether it has the same effects on you. If you feel fine when you use soda, then it is probably safe for you to use this on your ulcer. In this way, you can get the best results from baking soda.