How to Add Social Media Feed to Website

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Social media has provided windows of opportunity for individuals and businesses to express themselves and promote their content. And there is no denying the fact that social media has the capability to attract people. And keep them engaged. How about bringing this engagement to your website? Sounds rewarding, right?

Various tools like social media aggregators allow you to showcase social media feeds from various social media platforms for the website. In this article, we will be discussing such social media aggregator tools that ease your embedding process and provide various other features that add great significance to this strategy of showcasing social media feeds on the website. 

So without further ado, let’s just dive into it.

Best Tools That Helps You To Add Social Media Feeds To Your Website

Various tools provide you the service and ease in embedding social media feeds on website, but you must choose the best tool. Hence, we have made a list of the best tools available in the market. These tools assist you in embedding social media feeds and offer various other features that make them the best tools available in the market.

  1. Tagembed

Who doesn’t like variety, right? Hence, here is the tool that allows you to collect feed from 18+ social media platforms and helps you display it on your website. The tool also allows you to curate and customize the feed before displaying them on your website. In simple words, you have a huge set of content that you can easily showcase on your website 

The tools also provide you with the customization option that helps you to personalize the feed as per your choice. For example, you can change the font size, font style and showcase your artistic style to impress your visitors. In addition, the tool also provides you the option to choose from various themes and layouts so that feed matches the style of your website. All these measures help you in adding grace to your website and make it look more professional.

Moreover, the tool gives you full control over the feed, which means you can show and hide the content as per your choice. It provides you the facility to filter out all the irrelevant and unwanted content from your website. You can choose to manually remove the content from the feed, or opt for the automation where the tool removes the content consisting of provided keywords, or you can even block the content from any particular social media account/handle.

Talking about the automation – the tool automatically provides all the latest content from your desired source, you don’t have to refresh the feed to get all the latest content, also the feeds are responsive, which means it adjusts itself according to the screen type, there is no need to change the display settings according to different devices.

And if you think all of this and it must be a difficult tool to handle? Then you are highly mistaken – the tool is very simple to handle. Even if you are from a non-technical background or do not have any coding knowledge or skill, you can still handle the tool like a pro.

  1. Onstipe

Vibrant themes and layout and an easy embedding process are the simplest ways to explain this tool. In addition, it provides you the facility to collect social media feeds from various social media platforms. And as it is compatible to display all types of media files, you have a huge variety of content to display on your website.

The tool provides easy moderation, responsive design, and quick updates keeping your website lively and graceful. With a few simple steps, you can easily embed a social media feed on your website and create a good impression on your website visitors. SQM Club is also good option for this. 


In this digital era, businesses need to have an attractive website as it helps them gather more audience and establish their online presence. And this is where this tool comes in handy. With the help of this tool, you can collect user-generated content for your website and display them with ease.

By using customization, you can beautify the feed and make it more presentable. In this age of the internet, social proof influence the buying decision. Hence by displaying user-generated content, you can showcase social proofs and convert your visitors into your customers. Using analytics and moderation features from the tool can add great relevance to this strategy and stand out from the crowd. 


As competition is getting fierce day by day, you need to have a great marketing strategy that helps you survive and helps you get an edge over your competitors. Embedding social media feeds on the website is a smart way to achieve both. Furthermore, you can make the maximum utilization of this strategy with the tools mentioned above. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use the tools right now and witness the growth in your business.