What is a landing page?

The landing page (called in English ” Landing page “) is the page where you can redirect your customers after accessing a link to a clear goal because this type of page does not distract attention being independent of your website.

The purpose of the landing page is to promote your marketing and sales goals.


  • Direct visitors to your products online to buy them
  • Direct visitors to register to receive newsletters or to complete a registration form

The landing page is where you can place online ads and marketing links that lead potential customers to those ads. These pages are optimized for conversion, and high-rate conversions report more leads and sales – which is especially important for your business.

So, the more landing pages – the better the results. But these pages cannot exist on their own, they are part of a system.

How do landing pages work?

Each landing page is a unique component of a larger sequence of pages, where the visitor can see the Call To Action (CTA) or message (from your site, email or advertisement) that is the reason for this visit.

Here, the information is displayed according to the same CTA that gave rise to the initial interest, and allows several ways of exchanging information about the offer. The end of the sequence is a simple thank you page, which informs visitors that you have received their information and warns them where or when to wait for the offer.

Landing page benefits

The landing page offers the opportunity to increase the value of a specific content, which also helps to increase SEO performance.

Pay Per Click (PPC) performance can also be improved because you can successfully combine the value of your ad and direct message with what your visitors see on your page.
Sales-oriented pages can broaden their concept, using the art of storytelling, images or videos that can show the product or service in use.

Last but not least, we would like to mention that landing pages give you the opportunity to experiment to see what works best for your audience. Or you can experiment with test products or ways to position your services ahead of your competitors.

The strong point of this type of experimentation is that you are allowed to test on a low scale, finding out what works or not, and then make those changes for the rest of the website.
Google Optimizer offers the option to view and test different landing pages, and through Google Analytics you can see more details about the traffic on these pages.

If you are not sure that your landing page will bring you the expected results, the Rangval team is with you to provide the necessary assistance.