Can I score high marks in CBSE Class 10 Social Science?

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Social Science is one of the most scoring subjects for class 10th boards. This is so because Social Science is an interesting subject. Learning concepts is also easy and not too complicated. Sometimes, a student may find the subject a bit confusing, but this can be sorted by spending only a few hours on the subject. Social science is a theoretical subject, so it can be a scoring subject if you have the proper conceptual clarity. Correct understanding and good writing skills are the only requisites needed to ace the exam with high marks.

Social science compromise of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. Though it is divided into four different parts, all these subjects are interesting to read and study. All subjects carry 20 marks each, making the board paper of 80 marks while the internal assessment is of 20 marks. Just by going thoroughly through the syllabus and making sure that all the important questions, as well as all the previous year’s questions, are at your fingertips, you can ensure that you have gained a high score in the social science subject.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can utilize for getting high marks in your social science exam for 10th boards

  • Understand the concepts well:

The primary thing to do is making sure that you devote ample time to study and understand the concepts. The main part of the 10th board exams is having the clarity of your concept on point as CBSE focuses on assessing how well the student understands the concepts. This has always been the main criteria of CBSE. So make sure your start studying the concepts, theories accurately

  • Know the Social Science Syllabus for CBSE Class 10:

Knowing the Social Science Syllabus for CBSE Class 10 is crucial. A syllabus is an outline under which a student needs to plan for the studies ahead. Make sure you have the syllabus for social science. Take time to read and analyse the syllabus. You can also get it printed and then, with the help of a highlighter try to highlight the most important topics with respect to boards. These are the topics that you should have great expertise on for scoring well in the exam

  • Try to understand more and cram less:

We understand that History holds a lot of battles and dates which need to be crammed, but the other part of social science should be understood well. Economics, civic, and geography are all based on concepts and logic which you need to be well versed at for answering the questions of board examination. Also, remember that the board examination also has twisted and indirect questions to test your understanding of the subject. So, for scoring high make sure you have checked this point in your to-do list for social science.

  •  Make short notes:

Since Social Science is more of the theoretical sort you will have loads of theory to study. History, Geography, Economics and Civics, every subject under Social Science, has theories you need to learn. The best way to learn, understand and retain theories is by making short notes of them. You can also paste these quick notes on your study tables so you can keep on memorizing them throughout. Short notes are crisp and concise and will not take a lot of time of yours to remember. 

  • Make separate notes on dates and timeline

Since Social Science holds a lot of dates it is important to make a separate list of all dates. Having all dates saved at a place will help you save time as you will not have to hunt every chapter every time. Giving dates proper formatting & chronology is also helpful in revising the dates that are included in the subject. If you are not good at memorizing the dates, try to revise the dates that are of high importance as this will still help you in scoring good in the exam.

  • Take care of time in the exam:

Not only the preparations but you should also brace yourself for writing the exam well. Since Social Science will require you to write plenty of long answers make sure to take care of time in the exam. Sometimes you may find questions are too lengthy but at the same time cannot be avoided. So it is best to use time judicially from the start of the exam. Try to  pick up questions that you can answer well and have enough time for it 

  • Try to highlight specific points on the answer sheet:

A neatly written paper with a good presentation will always attract more marks from the examiner. It is best to highlight the main points that help to support your answer in the exam. Highlighting the main points will also make the examiner understand your answers better, increasing your chances to score higher.  It is best to highlight the answers by underlying the sentences. Using colored highlighters on the paper can stain it badly 

  • Fix time to revise for maps & diagrams:

Maps are often tricky to revise making many students unable to perform questions regarding them well. A lot of questions, especially from Geography, are asked based on maps. For example questions on soil types, types of vegetation growing across the states, largest producing states for metals and non-metals etc. The best way to learn maps is by revising them daily for a fixed period of time.


While students tend to hype the difficulty level of Social Science, it is a fact that this subject is highly scoring and can help in contributing an overall good percentage in your board exams. All you need to do is take interest in the subject and try to understand it from the basics. Furthermore, dedicating time every day to practice the difficult questions of this subject can also help you to hit the target of scoring well in the exam. Try to get clarity from your teacher or tutor at the earliest as this will help you to retain an interest in the subject.

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