What are the benefits of solving previous year’s question papers?

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Board exams are known to be very challenging for students and make them shiver. While some students see these exams as competitions to prove themselves. When students prepare for CBSE class 10th board exams, most of them resort to supporting books and study material to review the syllabus. The first thought of their mind is to go through the previous year’s question paper as they should.

The main objective behind solving these question papers is to make students well-versed with the question models. They help students in interpreting and guaranteeing their preparation. They also boost students’ belief and help them in finishing their questions before the assigned time span. Students can access some CBSE Class 10 English PYQP PDF to make sure that they are thoroughly prepared.

Here are some of the benefits of solving the past year’s question paper:

  • Exam Pattern: Once students start solving these papers, they get a good look at the exam pattern. They are able to notice the difficulty level of different papers and can prepare accordingly. They get familiar with the marking system of the subject. They get an idea about the way of writing answers and are able to construct a mind map of the question paper for them. Students get a comprehensive knowledge of the type, character, and composition of the questions that are being asked. Objective-type questions are also asked, so students get an idea of that as well. They also get to learn the levels of complexity of various segments of the paper.

  • Detecting Mistakes: After solving a bunch of these question papers students can identify the mistakes they make. If students solve these papers properly they start answering these questions with perfection. So, they can spot their errors while they compare their answers with the solved papers. Acknowledging their strengths and faults during the examination of their paper accommodates in enhancing their final grades.

  • Topic-Wise Weightage: Practising previous year question papers before the CBSE Class exams help in understanding section-wise marks allocation and weightage of every topic. So, students will be equipped to handle their time respectively as to how much time to devote to each segment of the subject.

  • Time Management: Solving the previous year’s question papers help students to ascertain the time they take while solving each problem and the overall time they use in attempting the complete paper. The more they solve the papers, the more they get acquainted with the time-management. This will thereby help in obtaining a genuine insight into their pace and precision as their time management directly affects the quality of their results. Regular practising also helps to strengthen the endurance of a student to sit at the exam hall for a stretch of three hours.

  • Confidence Level: As most students tend to get stressed before exams but if they practice properly, they can memorize each relevant item of their books. Solving past year question papers help students in gaining confidence about their preparation, which is necessary for performing in any exam. If students are assured about their preparation then they can perform well in their exams.

  • Study Planning: Solving the previous year’s question paper helps in the formation of a proper preparation strategy. Students can track their progress and plan their study schedules accordingly. Weak areas should be pinpointed in the study schedule and students should form a plan according to it.

  • Revision: Solving previous years’ question papers helps in reviewing problems. Students should solve these question papers as soon as they are finished with the preparations. Students should assess their completion and act on the vulnerable areas. Many questions are repeated in these question papers which helps the students in reviewing commonly occurring topics. Question papers are one such stop that aid in obtaining a recollection of what the exact questions are and their format. Retaining these problems in recognition can help students in solving similar questions.

  • Newest Topics: Previous year questions are very important for comprehensive examination papers, which has immense problems from current events of both national and international significance. Solving last year’s question paper gives a fair idea of the up-and-coming topics. This will encourage students to concentrate on those topics during their study sessions.

  • Self-Assessment: Self-assessment is an imperative part of CBSE Board Exam preparation. Students get an idea of their level of preparation and can self-analyze the errors and formulate a new approach. This definitely helps students to function better in exams.

  • Increase in pace: Exams of subjects like maths and science can be pretty lengthy and every subject of the CBSE exam has a stringent duration of three hours. So, if students are working and equipped with previous years’ question papers then it would be simple for them to finish the complete paper within that course duration.

  • The last 3-4 year’s papers are the most important: Students should solve at least 10 years’ papers but if a student doesn’t have enough time to go through all the previous year’s papers then he/she should at least go through the last 3 to 4 year’s question papers as they are very powerful.

Students must finish their entire syllabus lest they won’t be able to recognize the importance of working with these question papers of past years. The more they drill with them the more it will be obvious for them to follow the exemplars of the question papers.

When the students are done with the previous year’s question papers they should go for sample question papers from newly published books. These newly published books contain the most recent paper patterns and marks distribution. They can help the student in getting acquainted with what they are going to face.

Students should work on their trivial errors and improve accordingly before the final exam.

This also prepares the candidates to face any level of obstacles during the exam as they become competent with the notion of the question paper. 

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