Pros and Cons of Investing in a Luxury Apartment

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Investing in luxury apartments is becoming a popular trend among real estate investors in Pakistan. But investing in a luxury apartment has various advantages and disadvantages. 


      A luxury apartment is a huge, modern space including the latest amenities, built on premium locations, and designed to portray a luxurious lifestyle. Luxury apartments are popular due to modern aesthetics, along with modern décor, designer interior, and latest technology gadgets.

  Other than inner luxuries, these apartments consist of other luxurious services like lobby, reception, valet parking, swimming pool, fitness center and spa, theatre. Compared to other types of apartments in Pakistan, luxury apartments are considered exclusive and elite.

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One of the biggest advantages of premium apartments is the space. Apart from having more square footage, these apartments usually feature an open floor plan, look big and spacious often due to high ceilings and large windows with large balconies for open-air seating. You should consider investing in a luxury apartment in case you planning to move to a great place.


One of the most enviable perks of luxury apartments is that they come with a wide range of lavish amenities. These include indoor gyms, rooftop areas, sports facilities, mosques, parking, play area, gardens, and a lot more. Most luxury apartments also offer valet services. All of these amenities make a quality lifestyle and comfortable living.


High-end apartments are often built at prime locations. the luxury apartment project of Emaar Crescent Bay in the posh neighborhood of Defense Housing Authority’s Phase 8 in Karachi, is a beachfront development. The premium location of luxury apartments for sale in the city of light ensures the residents enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and access to the city’s beaches.

Similarly, the luxurious apartment complex of Eighteen in Islamabad is located near Kashmir Highway and is accessible through the Lahore-Islamabad M2 Motorway. This project is situated at a 20-minute drive from downtown Islamabad, making it an ideal place to make an investment. Luxury apartments in Lahore are mostly located on the outskirts of the city as well.


Another main reason for the growth of luxury real estate in Pakistan is the high level of security that is provided. Most luxury apartments complexes have tight security systems including CCTV surveillance security alarms, intercoms, boundary walls, security guards, and emergency pieces of equipment. Most prestigious apartments also ask visitors to drop their ID cards at the reception desk if they are not registered in the logbook


For investors planning to purchase residential property for the purpose of renting it out, their best option is investing in luxury apartments. The top-notch amenities and modern design of the apartments are attractive to the audience This results in a higher rental income and a good tenant. Due to the high demand for these apartments, investors can raise the rental rate to whatever amount they deem feasible 


     ALthough luxury apartments offer world-class luxuries and facilities, there are still a few cons that should be considered before making the investment 


Due to amenities, facilities, and location, luxury apartments are usually more costly. The amenities can be pricey as well including Gym, swimming pool, and memberships. For investors with a smaller budget, luxury apartments are not the best option for them. Even though these apartments are profitable if investors cannot afford them, it’s best to look elsewhere. 


     Luxury apartments come pre-furnishe and already have a theme. Most of the time neither the furnishing nor the theme of the apartment can be change. There are not a lot of luxury apartment complexes in the country. That allow custom designs, making it hard for some people to adjust. Not having the liberty to décor can make your new apartment feel less like a home. Which is the thing anyone would want.


    Lastly, luxurious apartments can be expensive to maintain due to features, taxes, insurance, bills, and amenities. Luxury apartment complexes charge a high maintenance fee too. Unless investors have a budget set aside in case the apartment needs maintenance, luxury apartments can be highly costly.

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