Best Pellet Grill Under $500


Weber Spirit E-310 is a propane grill that comes with equipped with cast-iron cooking grates that are enameled in porcelain and flavor bars. These bars help food retain its flavor and natural taste by capturing the drippings and then heating them to create the vapors which are then absorbed back into. There is no need to use artificial flavors to make delicious meals. The warming rack on this propane grill will help toast buns, warming sides melting cheese and other things while the principal cooking surface is responsible for the your main meal.

Why We Like It

10 year warranty on the cookbox lid assembly, lid along with burner tubes. 5 year warranty on stainless steel cooking grills, bar for flavoring as well as cast iron cooking grates and 2 years on the remaining items

60cm 45cm cooking primary surface

60cm 12cm warming rack

Two burners that have total capacity of 26,500 BTU


The grill in the Char-Broil Performance Series is packed with numerous features that give the convenience of a high-quality cooking. For instance, it employs the TRU-Infrared technology to ensure an even distribution of heat, designed to create the most succulent cuts of meat that have been cooked to perfect.

If you’re focused on cooking various food items, this model includes a main cooking surface as well as warming racks that toast your bread or cook your meals on. In addition, this barbecue grill is ideal to take along on camping trips because it has the casters that can be locked to ensure safety.

Why We Like It

300 square. in. the primary cooking surface

Two burners that have total 24,000 BTU

13.2 wide 7.4 deep 7.4 deep warming racks to toast buns, sides and toast

Side shelves preparation space, cabinet keeps LPG tank

4 caters for two of them being lockable for improved mobility

Temperature gauge for better control of heat


The gas grill made by Fuego is extremely simple to build, which is why it’s an ideal grill for those who are new to the field and want to skip the difficulty of assembling. It also comes with a speedy heating process, which just takes 5 minutes to get to 500 F. It is secured with a clasp and a storage tank’s door that is hinged.

Finally, we like this model because it is easy to clean up afterward. No one wants to be unable to scrub off the grease from their grill. The grill is equipped with a drop-through remover to make cleaning up the leftovers easy.

If you’re a novice to grilling the grill, this gas one is just what you require!


Large cooking surface (415 sq. in.)

Surface for warming (110 sq. in.)

2 burners (26,500 BTUs)


This includes a gas barbecue that is less than 500, but only by one dollar, at $499.


If you are looking for an outdoor grill that looks beautiful in any backyard and providing ample space to cook for a huge number of people, the Blackstone 1554 is the ideal choice. It is among the top gas barbecue grills for under 500 dollars The cooking area of this grill is large enough that it is able to cook 72 hotdogs in one go. There are also side shelves as well as an trays to make cooking and storage enjoyable, which is vital when you have a lot of hungry mouths to feed.


Large cooking space (720 sq. in.)

Four stoves (60,000 BTUs)

It comes with side shelves as well as a tray


Grease traps weren’t as efficient however, they’ve put in a rear management system that makes it easy to use


The Portable Kitchen is a cheap charcoal and gas combination, ideal for those who appreciate the fresh, clean taste that a gas grill can provide and the smoky taste charcoal grills give. The unit is designed to increase the interior’s airflow after the grilling surface is covered by the lid. In this way, the food’s surface is evenly heated. It’s also designed so that it makes it suitable for direct and indirect cooking which means you can cook a variety of meals perfectly, regardless of the temperature requirements.

If you’re looking to purchase an low-cost small and compact 2 in 1 grill, this is the perfect choice for you!


Decent cooking surface (300 sq. in.)

10-year guarantee

Strong build constructed from aluminum


Hot charcoal could fall through the vents at the bottom.


Weber is among the most reliable gas grill brands in terms of performance, and this one is no different. The Q220 is just the right size to fit in the typical outdoor patio, yet large enough to cook your bird and roast due to its bigger lid design. It has an integrated display that lets you monitor the temperature inside while grilling. It also has an iron grate that’s cast to ensure even heating. It’s coated with porcelain, which makes it rust-proof.

We are awestruck by this grill because of its size and efficiency!


Decent cooking surface (280 sq. in.)

1 BTU Burner (12,000 BTUs)

Work tables that fold

Cast-iron grates made of porcelain


A refillable cylinder is available as a separate item

5 year warranty on certain components Cook boxes, lid assemblies aluminum burner tubes cast-iron cooking grates made of porcelain and plastic components


One of the top grills that cost less than 500 dollars in price, this Pit Boss unit features a stainless design and a small body that can be set on any table. Despite its dimensions, it offers an ample cooking space as well as heating power with two burners. If you are interested in keeping the temperature of the inside of your grill under control This grill comes with the ability to use a dome thermometer an easy reading.

We suggest this grill If you’re in search of an affordable and light grill that is easily transported by just one person.


Excellent cooking space (275 sq. in.)

Two stoves (10,000 BTUs)

23 pounds of weight in total


This model is incredibly cheap So don’t expect it to be durable enough to last for 5 years.


The camp Chef grill is among the top grills when you want to cook for large gatherings or parties. The reason? Because it is equipped with a large grilling and griddle area which allows you to cook large batches of food in shorter time.

The bigger surface can provide an even heating process due to its dispersing design. It is ideal for breakfast dishes such as bacon, eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, and boiling water to make coffee.

If you want a heartier dinner for a fuller meal, you can utilize the grill to cook huge quantities of burgers and steaks.


Large grilling surface (501 sq. in.)

Large griddle surface (604 sq. in.)

Four gas burners (12,000 BTUs)

Easier clean due to grease management design

Grease tray, collapsible trays and griddle levelers


It is necessary to be taller than 11” in order to be able to use the grease cup

One-year warranty only.


If you enjoy cruising on your motorhome, traveling to a quiet spot and then grilling a few hamburgers, this grill is the best choice due to its compact and practical design. This gas grill is constructed of stainless steel, which provides an appliance that is easy keep clean and maintained. Additionally, it’s flexible when it comes to choosing an appropriate gas source as it can be powered by CNG or LPG canisters. However, it has a small disadvantage. Due to its portability the size of its grilling space is diminished.

If you love traveling and want a small portable gadget this grill is ideal for you!


Options for multiple gas sources

Portable and compact

Body made of stainless steel


Representations of the poor quality of the product.