How to choose a massager

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Have your muscles lost their elasticity, your skin has become flabby, and you are overweight? No time for a fitness room and a visit to a massage therapist? Sedentary work, stress, poor quality food? Are you knocked out of your usual comfort zone and don’t know how to regain your well-being and a positive attitude? There is a way out – massagers. This is an ideal option for those who want to always feel in excellent physical shape and engage in health improvement on their own, in a comfortable home environment. Their main advantage and difference from the services of massage therapists is that they can be used at any time and without the presence of special skills and knowledge.

The benefits of massage

A proper body massage is not only very pleasant, but also beneficial. If you start listing the positive dynamics launched by him, then the list will be almost endless, because massage successfully corrects numerous problems of the body. For example, massage is capable of:

  1. return flexibility and mobility, as well as elasticity and smoothness of tissues;
  2. improve blood circulation by saturating the blood with oxygen;
  3. to stimulate the outflow of lymph and thereby strengthen the immune system and increase the efficiency of the cardiovascular system;
  4. start tissue repair, remove congestion and swelling;
  5. by accelerating gas exchange, remove metabolic products;
  6. to strengthen the articular tissue and ligaments;
  7. to promote muscle contraction, increase their tone and restore them after prolonged physical exertion or injury;
  8. correct posture and correct stoop;
  9. to increase the secretory functions of sweat and sebaceous glands;
  10. to accelerate the metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer, thereby eliminating excess fats;
  11. reduce pain;
  12. enhance the effect of vitamins, enzymes and hormones;
  13. smoothes expression lines, stops the aging process;
  14. relieve general tension, fatigue, stress and many more – many other external manifestations and internal functional changes in the body.

There are both universal body massager and those designed for specific parts of the body and organs. Let’s try to understand the many existing models and consider their differences from each other. Each of them differs in the type of device of the apparatus itself and, accordingly, in a certain effect on the body.

Types of massagers

Vibrating massagers

Devices of this type are designed to replace manual massage. In the process of vibrating movements, mechanical kneading of the muscles occurs and, as a result, the mobility of the limbs improves, congestion is eliminated, immunity and the body’s ability to resist diseases increase, muscle tension and pain are relieved, blood flow improves, the figure is corrected, etc.

The device can be made in a wide variety of forms, such as: collar, vest, massage chair, chair cover, pillows, spiked platforms, handles and many other shapes. Depending on the geometric structure of the attachments in contact with the body (needles, thorns, fingers, cams, etc.), as well as the frequency and amplitude of their oscillations, such devices can simulate various types of massage: acupressure, point, shiatsu, classic, etc. models are completed with a set of attachments for different parts of the body.

Pneumatic massagers

The impact occurs with compressed air on the muscles, which alternately contract and unclench, resulting in increased blood circulation, which reduces thrombus formation, reduces edema and fibrous tissue, and increases immunity.

Impulse massagers

The impact on the body occurs with the help of micro-discharges on the nerve endings of the muscles. As a result, flaccid and flabby muscles are strengthened, their contours become taut and embossed, the structure of the skin improves, cellulite manifestations go away, the fat layer becomes thinner, toxins and toxins are removed from the body. As a rule, when using models of this group, the hands remain free, so they can be used when doing household chores or playing sports.

Infrared massagers

The impact on the body occurs through the radiation of heat and the creation of a local effect of the sauna. As a result, blood circulation is stimulated and metabolic processes are activated, which leads to the removal of fat deposits in certain areas of the body, a decrease in puffiness, the disappearance of bags under the eyes, smoothing of fine wrinkles, and skin cleansing. As a rule, a pronounced effect is manifested in conjunction with other types of massage and the simultaneous use of cosmetic creams, which are better absorbed.

Ultrasonic massagers

The impact on the body occurs with the help of high-frequency acoustic vibrations that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, accelerating the synthesis of epidermal proteins. As a result, the supply of nutrients is activated and regeneration processes are launched, inflammation decreases. At the same time, the skin surface is cleansed and restored, fine folds and old scars, stretch marks and cellulite “orange peel” disappear.


The impact on the body occurs with the help of microbubbles, which are obtained by mixing water and air flows. As a result, muscles relax, spasms and swelling are relieved, pain subsides, blood circulation is activated and joint mobility increases, the skin becomes elastic, and a pleasant vigor appears in the body. Models of this group are most often produced in the form of a foot bath, or in the form of a bath mat, imitating the principle of operation of a real jacuzzi.

Vacuum massagers

The impact on the body occurs through negative pressure, which causes blood flow to problem areas, activates metabolic processes in the deep layers and removes toxins and toxins through sweat and sebaceous glands. Thanks to this, the skin is cleansed, turns pink, becomes soft and pleasant to the touch, inflammation and folds disappear. Antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect is also strongly pronounced.

Water massage

Options for the equivalent of a jacuzzi, in which accumulated fatigue and stress are removed, metabolism is enhanced, motor functions are restored, skin is toned, etc. and at the same time warm water increases the effectiveness of the procedure.

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