What should you understand about windows movie maker software?

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The advancement in technology with the introduction of the latest software which is equipped with powerful features and a range of functionality has opened loads of opportunities for the users. Video and content creation has become one of the most popular career options in modern times. In addition, There are tons of content creators who have enjoyed considerable success by creating different types of videos or movies and then uploading them to well-known social media platforms of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok amongst others. Read also: can you mod blade and sorcery on oculus quest 2

If you are someone who wants to start making videos, either as a professional option or just as a hobby, then one of the first things that you would need is efficient video making and editing software. For instance, These days you will find a wide range of options in the market when it comes to these software tools. Before you choose any specific software for your creative requirements, it is logical to look at the different options that are out there and choose the best based on how compatible it is with your requirements. 

The windows movie maker is one of the best software tools that provides a host of features to the users. This software tool can instantly turn your videos and pictures into highly professional and well-polished movies. You can also add transitions, sound, special effects, as well as captions to create stunning videos that help you tell a compelling story. You also have the option of sharing these videos with your friends and families easily. 

Understanding the different features provided by windows movie maker

The windows movie maker is an incredibly powerful video creating and editing software application that is very easy to use. This application is customized for different versions of windows including windows 7 movie maker, windows 8, windows 10, and Windows 11. Similarly, Because This software comes equipped with numerous features that include titles, credits, effects, transitions, timeline narration, auto movie, and audio track. You can add existing effects and transitions from the gallery or create new ones using the XML code.

Windows movie maker also provides the basic function of audio editing. Through the audio track editing program, you can implement basic effects to the audio tracks like fade in or fade out. The audio tracks are then available to be exported as a sound file instead of a video file. 

If you want to download this software, you can visit https://www.topwin-movie-maker.com/ and download it for free. This software is available for several operating system versions including windows7/8/10/11 and also for the Mac operating systems. 

The setup packages that are provided here are standalone packages for installation and there is no requirement of downloading any additional files from the internet. This software application has also been scanned by popular anti-virus software tools and it is completely safe to download.

Movie Maker Tips

1. Three key divisions

The movie maker’s window has three key divisions mainly the panes, After that, the preview monitor, and the storyboard. The panes provide the working space and include the task, the collections, and the contents pane. The storyboard and the timeline allow users to create and edit projects. After that, because The preview monitor allows a user to view and analyze the progress of the movie in making.

2. Setting aspect ratio

The aspect ratio determines how the published movies are displayed on the screen. Aspect ratio is the quotient of length to width of the resulting movies. To set your preferred aspect ratio: click on “Options” from tools, and then click on the advanced tab and then select a preferred ratio. A ratio of 4:3 is best for full-screen displays while 16:9 is best for wide screens.

3. Changing .wlmp file into other recognized video formats

All projectile files Window’s movie maker has a .wlmp extension. Unfortunately, not many media players recognize this format. This simple process will help convert all .wlp files into other recognized formats. Click on “Open Project” from the File tab on movie maker. Locate the .wlmp file. Go back to the file, click on “Save Movie”. Choose your preferred output movie.

4. Trimming videos

Open the Movie Maker. However, On the “Home” tab, proceed to the “Add” group and click on “Add videos and photos”. From the resulting dialogue box, locate and open the folder that contains the video to be edited. Select the video file and click “Open”. Under Video tools, navigate to the edit tab. Then drag the slider to that position you want your video to start. Else drag the slider where you wish to end the movie.

5. Arranging video clips on timeline

Simply click on the object to be moved and drag it to where you want it to appear.

6. Splitting a video into two

You can split a larger video into smaller bits. You can then reorganize the bits in a sequence. Open the Movie Maker and locate the video to be split. Click on the clip then drag the playback indicator up to the point where you wish to split the video. Under “Video Tools” on the Ribbon, click the “Edit” tab under the “Editing group”. Navigate to split to complete the process.