Why should you opt for a virtual trade show

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Like other formats of virtual events, virtual trade shows have also seen a boom in the last two years. The reason behind this is simple, they come with a lot of convenience and ease. Though there are a few organizations that still think of online trade shows as an alien subject. If you are one of those, this blog is for you. Here, we have tried to explain what all you need to know about a virtual trade show and why you should host one. Let us get started.

What are virtual trade shows?

Even though people believe it to be true, virtual trade shows do not differ much from their in-person counterparts. The only key difference lies in the medium of hosting them. Where a regular trade exhibition is hosted in-person, the virtual ones are conducted over a virtual trade show platform

Other than that, everything, right from their meaning to objectives remains the same. The objective behind hosting an online trade expo is to bring brand representatives and the audience together on a single platform. They allow them to interact with each other and enable companies to expand their audience reach and make business. 

The most eminent advantage that comes with online expos is that they are not bound by any kind of limitations that physical expos have. It is the reason several organizations have opted for web expos over time, and we continue to see an elevation in their graph.

Here we are discussing some of the advantages of virtual trade shows and why should you opt for one:


The most prominent benefit of hosting an online trade show is cost-effectiveness. If you switch to the web version of a trade show, you get to save the money you would have spent on logistics, venue, stationery, and other stuff. Not only the organizers, web expos come easy on the attendees as well. Since they don’t require the attendees to travel to attend the event, they get to save money that otherwise would have spent on tickets, hotel, and other expenses.

Other than the money part, virtual events are also energy and time-efficient. They don’t require you to book a venue two-three months in advance or make other arrangements time before the event. This feature of online expos comes as a great advantage to those firms and organizations that have just started and can’t afford to pay much to host an event. 

Sales boosting: 

Coming onto the next reason you should consider going virtual with a trade show is the fact that they enable you to kickstart your sales right after the event. You can add your product list to the booth. It will allow your attendees to go through it and place orders conveniently. This feature helps the exhibitors to boost their sales as well as increase their ROI. You can also use virtual trade show platforms to introduce your products to them. Various Virtual event softwares come with 3D product demonstration features that allow you to present the 3D model of your product. It brings life to your web event and allows the audience to understand your product in a better way. 

Make use of this feature to attract more customers, expand your sales graph and boost ROI. You can also add documents, flyers, brochures, pictures, and other elements to make the audience understand your product in a better way. 

Long-lasting Connections: 

Another advantage of going virtual with trade shows is that they help you and your attendees build long-lasting connections. Even if people believe that virtual events are less effective in terms of networking, they come with high-end networking tools that enable the attendees to interact and connect with each other.

 Not only this, but they can also reach out to the exhibitors, sponsors, and event hosts and schedule one-on-one meetings with them while the event is going on. The attendee can simply connect with them over an audio or video call. It reduces the gap between a physical event and virtual events and establishes effective communication between both parties. In addition, the engaging virtual booths also let them go through the profiles of the exhibitors, which they can use as a reference and connect with those with whom they share the same interests. 

Event Customization: 

Moving onto the next advantage of hosting a web expo is effective branding and marketing of your company. You can do this by customizing your event just the way you want it. It enables you to plan out your event keeping in mind all the aspects you think can affect your branding. 

A few factors you should consider are the theme, target audience, and of course, the company’s objectives. Note that the first thing that attendees would probably notice over a virtual booth is the name and logo of the brand. You would want to make sure that the impression doesn’t go wrong. With virtual event software, right from the registration forms to personalized emails, interface, and everything else, you can add a touch of personalization to make everything look more professional and appealing. 


Moving further, the next benefit or the reason you should consider opting for a virtual trade expo is their environmental friendliness. A web event means no wastage of energy, food, fuel, and other aspects that are more obvious with a physical trade show. This does not add to the carbon footprint and enables you to do your part to save this environment. In short, virtual events let you be your hero! 

We adapted to the concept of virtual expos not because we wanted to but because we had to. However, as time passed, we got to know that virtual events do not lag behind their in-person counterparts. They are as efficient as one would want an event to be. It is the reason people are still hosting virtual events even though we can get back to hosting physical events. This makes it evident that web events are here to play a long inning. 

We hope you find this blog informative and are now convinced that the virtual version of the events is more beneficial than the old-age physical event’s concept.