Where is the best toolbox for truck bed?

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Whether a professional or an amateur truck driver, a tool box for truck bed is essential for your vehicle. A toolbox is a valuable investment because it protects the tools from getting stolen or damaged. In addition, a good truck toolbox keeps all your tools safe organized in one place so that they don’t get lost and prevents them from getting damaged due to rain.


Before buying a tool box for truck bed, you must consider parameters that are extremely important for buying a good toolbox. The parameters such as type, storage space, material, and installation play a vital role in toolbox purchase. 


The truck toolboxes are categorized based on style. For example, crossover type of toolboxes leaves space between the box and the truck bed. The space between the box and truck bed allows the person to fit chest and side-mounts. There are other types of toolboxes called the swing models or under step model.  


One of the most important parameters is the material of the toolbox. A person should choose a tool box for truck bed based on the material because as the material changes, the weight and the tendency to rust the toolbox changes. For example:- an aluminum toolbox will be lighter and more resistant to corrosion, while a steel toolbox will be heavy and will have a shorter lifespan than an Aluminum. Moreover, a plastic toolbox will be lightweight and easy to clean, but it is not highly durable.


In this article, we will mention a few of the best toolboxes available in the market for grabs. Moreover, while explaining the toolboxes, we will also give you a brief understanding of the various specifications of the toolbox. 


Lund Economy Line Cross bed Truck Toolbox


Cost: 300.14$

Type: crossover

Storage pace: Around 5 cubic feet

Material: Aluminum


The Lund Economy Line cross bed toolbox is a tool box for truck bed. The toolbox is made out of aluminum, and it is coated with an electrostatic coating which helps to endure the elements and keeps the tools and different equipment safe without getting any dents and cracks.


The toolbox fits most of the mid-size truck beds available in the market. The toolbox also has a decent height, and thus, once fitted on the truck bed, the rear visibility stays intact. This is a good choice in the budget range. Moreover, an accessory kit containing some polish is also available.


Better Built 73010286 Toolbox


Type: crossover

Storage space: Around 5 cubic feet

Material: Aluminum


The better-built toolbox is also a tool box for truck bed. The have a silver look and are one of the decent options at this price. This is a toolbox that is best suited for mid-size truck owners. The toolbox is designed in a narrow and low-profile way. The narrow and low-profile way of the building gives the toolbox plenty of space, and the rear visibility stays intact as well. The toolbox is large enough to store the essential tools, while the large bulky tools cannot be stored in the toolbox due to lack of space.


Dee Zee DZ6163NB Specialty series crossover toolbox


Type: Crossover

Storage space: 5 cubic feet

Material: Aluminum



The Dee Zee specialty crossover series toolbox is a tool box for truck bed. The toolbox is covered with a powder coat which prevents the toolbox surface from getting scratches and weather damage. However, the toolbox is made from a thin metal sheet which makes it highly prone to dents. The toolbox has a narrow design. Thus, it doesn’t take up much space on the truck bed when compared to other models. This toolbox is not an apt choice for people who are looking for a toolbox for rough use. But this toolbox will be an apt choice for people who are looking to complete small projects which require lesser tools.


Buyers Products Black Poly All-purpose Chest


Cost: $89.89

Type: Chest

Storage space: 2.6 Cubic feet

Material: Polyethylene


The buyers products all-purpose toolbox is a tool box for truck bed. Due to the use of polyethylene, the toolbox is lightweight and dent-resistant. The toolbox might not be an award-winning option. However, it still completes all the duties which a good toolbox needs to do. The toolbox is sturdy, safe, and protects all the equipment present inside it. This toolbox is the smallest and extremely budget-friendly in the toolbox segment. The toolbox has a double-layered lid which increases its strength, and a stainless-steel hasp. However, the owner needs to add their own lock for protecting tools.