In Dubai, how do you rent a house?

If you’ve never been to Dubai before, renting a home might seem like a difficult task.

A little of research and assistance can help you get your bearings on the intricacies of the industry and the hurdles you’ll have to cross.

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Is it possible to locate a good house in Dubai?

There are so many properties to choose from when renting an apartment or villa online that it might be intimidating. Dubai is a rapidly expanding metropolis, and new regions are constantly being developed. Having to scroll through so many takes a long time.

The Dubai International Financial Centre and Downtown Dubai are attractive destinations for business travellers, although they may be pricey.

Bur Dubai and Deira are far more affordable and teeming with family-owned eateries, although their housing stock is somewhat older. Middle-income neighbourhoods like the Greens and Springs provide affordable apartments and villas to Western inhabitants, while the Marina is a favourite destination for young, Western tourists. The list keeps growing. If you need office for rent, we can provide you office for rent in Business Bay.

What’s the going rate for a place to call home in Dubai?

According on the size and location of the property you’ll be renting, you’ll pay a different amount of money. A Palm Jumeirah one-bedroom apartment costs an average of Dh110,000 a year at the high end of the price range. Dh155,000 is the price for a two-bedroom apartment, and you can expect to spend Dh200,000 for a three-bedroom one. Prices in Dubai’s downtown area would be comparable.

Deira and Bur Dubai, where one-bedroom apartments start at Dh50,000 a year, are far less expensive. The Springs and Jumeirah Village offer two-bedroom villas for about Dh85,000, but you’ll probably need a vehicle.

Haggling and driving a hard deal are not something to be terrified of. It’s now a renters’ market, thanks to a 21% drop in average rent from 2017 to 2019. If you are looking for office for rent in Dubai, please visit our website.

How can you know whether you’re renting a property that is safe?

Before signing a lease, there are a lot of factors to look into. The rent should be reasonable and based on the current market. Individual landlords should provide confirmation of their identity and ownership if you’re interacting with them on an individual basis. Scammers have been around, and any legitimate owner won’t mind if you inquire. Verify the legitimacy of the firm before working with an agent. It’s important that you obtain a receipt for the deposit and the checks you write to the landlord, not a third-party company.

The renting market in Dubai

Because of this year’s turmoil – and whether or not you’ve been seeking to move home as a consequence of the worldwide epidemic – offers are out there. According to some estimates, apartment rentals have dropped by up to 10% year over year, while rates for villas have dropped by just over 7%. Even if you’re a casual observer of the city’s rental market, you won’t need to hear these numbers again. Some 1,500 renters in Dubai were surveyed by Time Out and found that their rents have been lowered – check out page 22 for the full findings.

Affordability at this time

Dubai Hills has witnessed a spike in popularity lately, whereas neighbourhoods like Dubailand, Dubai Sports City, JVC, and Dubai Production City have seen a decrease in rent.

Prices in Dubai are as competitive as they’ve been in years. There are a wide range of alternatives, from apartments to sprawling villas, to choose from. There are already studios available at Dubai Sports City for roughly Dhs20,000. Due to its proximity to both Dubai Marina and the Dubai Metro, one-bedroom flats in JLT typically cost between Dh35,001 and Dh40,001.

More and more people are moving into townhouse and villa communities, which means that rents in these places are rising, while apartments are falling, particularly in less desirable locations like non-prime locales.

Added expenses

A 5% commission on the yearly rental price is charged by an estate agency if you rent a property via them. A security deposit of 5% of the yearly rental amount if the property is unfurnished and 10% if it is furnished must also be given to the landlord.

White goods, such as a refrigerator and a washer and dryer, are often not included in the price of rental houses.