Islam and Deen

There are so many types of misconceptions and thoughts about the religion of Islam and Deen. The thoughts process of every person is different. So many people think that Islam and Deen are both the same. However, that’s not the case. Islam is the religion that only believes in God’s oneness and considers only Allah Almighty as God. Islam believes that the prophet Muhammad peace is upon him is the last messenger of Allah Almighty. Islam is the second most populated religion.

On the other hand, Deen, you can say that the concept of Deen is fundamental. Referring to Deen as a cultural system, traditions, and concepts would not be wrong. Deen can be said to be a pure system ruled by Allah Almighty only. Deen is the concept of believing entirely in the oneness of God and accepting Allah Almighty as the only God.

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What is the religion of Islam? 

Islam is the world’s second largest and most strongly believed religion globally. The meaning of Islam is to believe that there is no God except Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the last messenger and prophet of Allah Almighty. Islam is the religion that is most easy to practice. Islam has five fundamental pillars mentioned in the Quran, and also prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has guided people on that. Islam is the purest, simple, and genuine religion in the world.

What is the concept of the word Deen?

Deen is the one word with different meanings. The words like custom, tradition, religion, sentiments. In the concept of Islam, the meaning of the word deen is to accept that there is no God except for Allan Almighty. All the people have to follow the way mentioned in the Quran and explained by Prophet Muhamad peace be upon him. The basic meaning of Deen is to follow. To understand the Deen you have to understanding the Quran.

Difference between Islam and Deen

The meaning and sense for both Islam and Deen are different from each other. Islam is the religion in which you only have to worship one God and submit yourself, accepting that there is no God except him only. Islam is a region with complete rules and regulations, customs, and traditions. People who follow Islam have to follow the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. They have to believe that Prophet Muhammad’s peace be upon him is the last messenger of Allah Almighty. Deen has different meanings and concepts, but in the terminology of Islam, it fits in the way that Deen is to believe and accept that all the power remains to Allah Almighty; he is superior to everything.

Islam is Deen

Islam is pure and easy religion. The people who follow Islam believe that Allah Almighty is the only God. Islam has its all-unique qualities and ways. The Deen Islam does not believe in any social rule or any communism. It only believes in the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, and the people who follow Islam only believe in those teachings. Islam provides a straightforward way to follow and live life without any difficulty. In the role of society, Islam provides different ways to commit the basic principles and ideas of social life. All the concepts for social life and the ways Muslims can pursue are written in the Quran. Say that is Islam is religion will not be accurate. Islam is Deen as it covers all the problems and aspects of life. Learn Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies Online from the comfort of your home with Native Arab Tutors at affordable fees.


Concluding this up, Islam is the second-largest religion after Christianity. The concept of Deen and Islam is different. Islam is Deen as it is not universal. Islam has its separate identity and thoughts for individuals. Islam is the most simple and easy to practice. Islam prevails the message of peace and love. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has taught the people about Islam and has spread the message of Islam. Islam is the Deen which beliefs in the complete submission to God, and it demands to live life accurately as Allah Almighty has said to his mankind. If we want to get success we should have to adopted it.