4 Types of Accountants

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Choosing a career can be a decision that takes time and thought. It may be hard to decide which route you want to go in order to do something that you love but also to be able to live the lifestyle that you want. Once you have decided what you want to do you think that the hard choices are over but there is more to come. This is because once you have chosen a career such as accounting there are different types of accountants. This means you have to make another choice as to which area you want to focus on. Luckily, you can usually change the type of accountant you are if you are not enjoying it. These Idaho Falls accountants have a lot of experience in public accounting. Below are the different types of accountants to give you an idea of what may interest you. 

Corporate Accounting

Individuals that work for large companies in the finance part of the corporation are considered corporate accountants. They are in charge of keeping track of the finances of the company. This is so when it comes to tax season they are ready to go and should have a good idea of what the company will need to be paying. Another purpose for corporate financials is for reporting. It is important to know how much the company is spending, how much they are receiving for sales, and be able to see the growth of the company. This allows the company to see every piece of its finances to help with future decisions. 

Public Accounting 

When an accountant does work for an individual or a business it would be considered public accounting. Since they are not working for the company it means they are providing specific services for individuals and businesses. Many times this means that they are doing their taxes for them each year. It could also be the bookkeeping or payroll is done by the accountant on behalf of those that are paying for the services. Providing these kinds of services saves their clients time and the headache of taxes. 

Government Accounting

Working for the government is no easy task especially when you are working with the finances. You could be working for the state, local or federal government and qualify as government accounting. Depending on your position you may need more experience and go through a more extensive process before hiring to ensure you are right for the job. There may be times that you are given confidential information that you will need to be able to keep to yourself. 

Forensic Accounting

Financial data can be a hard trail to follow sometimes. Forensic accounting is to find, recover and reconstruct missing or lost financial data. This would be used for investigating purposes or if some financials are not adding up. This allows for financial information to be found and to make sense of the mystery behind missing financials. 

What Kind of Accountant do You Want to Be?

Once you have decided to be an accountant you will also have to decide what type of accountant you will want to be. Corporate, public, government, or forensic accountant. All are great options and one of them will make sense to you.