Best Image Translators for Travelers 

While traveling, you may come across many signboards and banners written in a foreign language, and you want to know what is written on them. Your first thought would be to take your mobile out and Google the meaning of that word or phrase. But you face difficulty if the text is written in some alien syntax or big paragraphs.  

If you start translating the text word by word through Google, it takes your time, and the results might not be accurate. So, it would be best to get help from apps and get the correct translation without any difficulty. Such apps allow you to take a photo or scan the images, and they display the results in your target language. The quality of display results is depended on a resolution of an image.  

This article covers the best image translators, which you should have on your mobile phone before going to your next traveling destination:

⤷ Microsoft Translator

⤷ Google Translate

⤷ Waygo

⤷ Papago

⤷ iTranslate

⤷ Baidu Translate

⤷ Image to Text Translator 

⤷ Scan & Translate: Photo camera  

⤷ Photo Translator All Languages  

⤷ Camera Translator: Photo, Text

Microsoft Translator:

Microsoft Translator is the best image translator that comes in many language options. You can still choose the alternate language once you have translated the image. It allows you to listen to the translated phrases and work on your pronunciation. The feature of this app is that you can synchronize this app with your android based smartwatches.

Microsoft Translator allows you to conduct a conversation with a foreigner by splitting the screen. The interface of this app is user-friendly and simple, which helps you find all the options and features easily. You can even download the languages and translate the image in an offline mode. It allows you to copy the results and share them with your friends and family. 

Google Translate: 

Google Translate is a free app that allows you to translate an image using your mobile phone camera. It is supported by a Word lens and provides an accurate result. This app permits you to translate an image into more than 100 languages. You can even translate the foreign phrases in the absence of an active internet connection. The translated results are saved so you can read them later. 

Google Translate allows you to synchronize your app with your desktop to transfer your translated data to your desktops. It permits you to get the definition of any terminology or phrase and helps you understand the meaning in detail. 


If you are an android user, you should visit this app to translate images. It is a free app but comes with a restriction of 10 translations per day. This app comes with an option of camera translation and a dictionary. In its Chinese option, it displays the photo of a searched item, and you can translate the images in an offline mode. 

Waygo allows you to work on your pronunciation by offering text-to-speech options. You can share the translated results with your friends through email, SMS, and other social media platforms. It permits you to save your results and access them in a later situation. It only offers you the option of three languages, and you can change the language of results among the given options. 


Papago is a language translator that comes with an option of famous 13 languages and allows you to translate the image, phrases, and words in real-time. It allows you to translate handwriting on pictures or notes and works perfectly in the absence of the internet. You can even translate the images in an offline mode. The best feature of this app is that you can translate the whole site by entering the URL which are useful in foreign tours. 

Papago automatically translates the copied phrases. You can also access its dictionaries for different meanings. It is an easy-to-use app and you can access all the options easily. You can use this flash card feature to improve the vocabulary of foreign language. It allows you to create the notes which are helpful for your whole trip. 


iTranslate is an image translator that comes with an option of a lens that you can adjust and easily translate the images. It helps you to check the meaning of words along with their definitions, synonyms, and antonyms. You can listen to the translation, and this option is available only for four language options.

The best feature of iTranslate is that you can translate the images in the absence of the internet. It gives you an option to search for proper verbs and conjunctions. In this app, you can even choose the dialects during translation. 

Baidu Translate:

Baidu Translate is an advanced-level app that is supported by up to 5 million dictionaries. It allows you to translate into 16 various languages and comes with the option of 186 directions. You can translate the image by using the camera of your mobile phone and even access its option of speech translation in real-time.

You can find the meaning, synonyms, and antonyms of any word as it is supported by dictionaries. It gives you suggestions related to language based on your location. Image to Text Translator 

Image to Text Translator:

Image to Text Translator is a complete mobile app that helps you to translate the images or road signs quickly. The best aspect of this site is that it provides you with a number of options that enables you to view the results in your language. 

Its interface is quite simple and user-friendly. The camera text detect option allows you to translate the signs boards which are helpful for you in any foreign country. You can even upload the images from the gallery on your mobile phone and translate them into the desired language. Its other notable features are chat translation, translate on screen, voice translation, and document translator. 

Scan & Translate: Photo camera:   

If you download this app on your mobile phone, then you do not need to carry any translation books or dictionaries. This app allows you to simply open the camera of your mobile phone, and it displays the results immediately. It is supported by more than one hundred languages which you can easily choose. 

You can seamlessly activate the offline mode of any language and start translating the images in the absence of the internet. It allows you to translate the results by scanning the images or documents. The interface of this app is quite simple and user-friendly. This app got more than five million downloads across the globe. It comes with an in-app purchases option, and you can access its basic features for free. 

Photo Translator All Languages: 

This app comes with an auto-detecting feature that allows you to translate the images with just a single click. You are not required to capture the image; just open the camera, and it will display the results with ease. It allows you to learn new words or phrases while you are visiting a new place or country. 

It has the option to upload the image from the mobile gallery and get the results in the desired language. You can learn the new pronunciation by using the option of voice conversation option. It allows you to share the results with your friends. You can even copy the phrases and get the translation. Photo Translator All Languages has the capacity to display the results in more than one hundred languages.

Camera Translator: Photo, Text:

It is an all-in-one image translator mobile app that allows you to quickly understand the phrases written on images or sign boards. You can convert the results into any language as it offers you more than 100 options. It has the ability to scan the sign boards or images, so you do not need to capture the photo. Moreover, you can listen to the translation, which helps you to learn the new language.

You can use this app in dark mode. It allows you to switch between the languages easily. The amazing feature of this app is image translation which allows you to get the name of an object placed in front of you. Its other amazing features are camera, object translation, voice, conversation, gallery translation, and document translation. 


Now you can easily enjoy your foreign trips and get proper directions by using the apps mentioned above. If you are lost in any foreign town, just take out your mobile and start translating the signs, images, and addresses. These apps display the results immediately, and you can even save the results for future use. 

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