The 6 Hardest Things About Being a Tow Truck Driver!

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Tow truck drivers serve the public diligently. Acquiring the proper training, licensing, and certifications to do their job safely and efficiently. They provide various roadside services for motorists. Many people would expect that trains do all the grunt work and that trucks are just used for local shipments, but it’s actually truckers that are responsible for most of our freight economy. However, their job is not an easy one. While every occupation has its own risks, being a tow truck driver is dangerous work. In times like these, a tow driver is an unsung hero that can provide you the necessary help on the road, assisting you and your car in reaching your destination safely. However, a tow truck driver’s job is not as easy as it may sound. They put themselves through a lot of risks to provide the necessary assistance. Here are some major things that make a tow truck driver’s job so tough!

Other Motorists

A tow truck company needs to work on the side or middle of busy roadways – despite the current flow of traffic.  In many cases, these cars come very close to the tow truck, the driver, and the vehicle they are towing. This increases the chances of motorists hitting the people on the scene and could even result in a deadly accident. This risk is especially prevalent at night when visibility is low, and attentiveness is down. To help mitigate the risks, our tow truck drivers take several precautions to be as visible as possible. Using flares, wearing reflective gear and bright colours, and using cones to section off work areas can help protect our technicians. 

Risky Surroundings

Sometimes in emergency situation vehicles breakdown where drivers don’t have time to get to a safe location. Whether it be on a narrow lane, in difficult terrain, or simply a high traffic area, the surroundings can pose a great threat to a towing company but a tow truck driver can’t complain as it is their job to provide the required help to the hirer. But our drivers always come prepared with the necessary equipment and expertise to find their way through the most difficult environments.


How often does your mind stroll while you’re driving? Distraction while driving is another challenge tow truck drivers face. This distraction could be internal like fatigue or drifting thoughts or it could be external e.g., calls for work coming in. Professional and trained drivers are less susceptible to distractions, but for them self-awareness is very important. When it comes to distractions as they are one of the hardest parts of a tow truck driver’s job.

General Road Navigation

As we said before, vehicles love to break down in the most inconvenient areas. If the average motorist finds twisting roads, narrow lanes, and potholes to be difficult to navigate, then the difficulty is tenfold for a tow truck driver. Apart from the usual road hazards, one of the hardest parts of a tow truck driver’s job is to know how to safely and quickly get to where they need to be. As compared to an average motorist, the general road navigation is more dangerous for a tow truck driver. But in city, roads are very busy and accidents, closures, and constructions can’t always be reported for.

Bad Weather Conditions

Driving in stormy weather is often a harrowing experience. It is very difficult for the truck drivers to drive in a bad weather condition with another vehicle attached to their own. They not only handle their own load or struggle in bad weather condition but they have to keep an eye on debris as other drivers. A tiny mistake in snow or rain could mean huge trouble for everyone. Driving in thunderstorms and blizzards has its own unique set of challenges due to the unpredictability behind each event. You never know if or where there might be deep puddles hiding under sheets of ice until you come across one yourself. however, bad weather surely makes the task that much trickier.

Long Hours of Driving

It is not very common for tow truck drivers to face several hundred miles drive overnight. They are required to be on-duty for several hours on end every night. This can be exhausting as tow truck drivers need to be attentive on the road at all times, no matter how late it is.