Gender Equality is the Main Element in Education for a Developed Country

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Education is as important as daily necessities. Gender equality is the main element in education which is neglected in many countries. Pakistan comes on the list of those countries. In this article, my main focus is on women’s education. There should not be discrimination between the rights of education. It’s the equal right of everyone. It’s the basic need of the time. Women’s role is as important as Men role in studies.

“When women are more educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.”

Women’s role is so important in this nation’s development. We can not neglect her part in the way of education. If we want a prosperous country then we will have to seriously consider the role of women in education. There is no power that can undo women’s potential in the way of development as their potential is endless. They take part in everything. If we start to take responsibility for the education of women in every field then we can see the endless wonders in our country. I would like to mention the name of The Punjab School. The best thing is that they are providing equal opportunities to all the students. We need to work on primary education and the economic education of students. As Economic School Near Lake City should be considered for education.

Women’s role should not be neglected in Pakistani education

As men are the main essentials of this country similarly women are also an equal part of this development if we don’t neglect their efforts or potential. Europe countries are 10 times ahead of us because they value studies and they value gender equality in studies because they know the worth of education, and they are aware of the after-results of education. If we are educating men and women equally then we have more bright chances of development in our country because we will have a major number of educated persons in society which is directly or indirectly going to help our nation in so many positive ways.

As Desmond Tutu said:

“If we are going to see real development in our country, then WOMEN are the best investment.”

So the importance of women’s education can be seen in the above quote that how important it is to educate the women of this country. Many people don’t understand the worth of this main point but they should never neglect it, especially the government of any country. Government should always encourage women in the field of education. They should mainly consider their value in the battle of studies. Education is the strongest weapon that someone can ever have. It’s the only thing that no one can steal from anyone. It’s a personal asset that can not be stolen but must can be shared to enhance our ideas or to help others.

To educate girls is to reduce property

The education of girls reduces the poverty in society. Because when we give equal opportunity in the battle of studies, we get a good ratio of educated persons in our society. Education helps them to stand out for themselves. An educated woman does not depend on Men. They work independently in every field of life so it indirectly helps to reduce poverty because they are able to do everything for themselves on their own. They don’t depend on anyone which makes them free in society and it helps the country’s nation as well to improve its development and poverty level.

Educated women’s role in the country’s development

Educated women take part in the country’s development wisely and efficiently and prepare the nation to perform their duty as a citizen. An educated woman implants the educational sense in their child which helps to take part in the country’s progress. Education broadens the way of thinking in a positive manner. It makes their perspective feasible for the nation and country. Women can perform well in every field and it can help in a circle to show their capabilities.

As Angelina Jolie said:

“There is no greater pillar of society than a strong’ free and educated woman.”

That means women are the greatest investment of the nation they are the strongest pillar of society for a progressive country. It’s not only the duty of a single country or single nation to promote education for women it’s our mutual responsibility to facilitate women all over the world. However, the educational system is less common for women in Pakistan so being Pakistani, we first need to work for our country.  As The Punjab School is providing the best possible opportunities for the girls similarly every school should work on it. However, many schools in Punjab have developed a sense for this step. We need to work on economics schools as well because it helps to make better our nation’s economy it gives us knowledge about it.  Economic Schools Near Lake City should be developed in large numbers to help our nation’s economic development.

So, It’s concluded that if we take some immediate steps for women’s education and equal rights of women then the name of Pakistan would be included in the top developed countries very soon.