How Can A Salaried Person Make a Career In The Stock Market?

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The Indian stock market is a platform for several interesting and high-salary jobs in the finance domain. With the right expertise and experience, an individual can get a high salary in a short time in the stock market. A person interested in making a career in the stock market can explore the various job roles available in the field. Here are the details of various jobs one can take up and the process of starting a career in the stock market.

Top Careers in the Stock Market

  • Stock market investor/trader: If you have a salaried job and want a parallel source of income or want to make a career in the stock market itself, you can become a stock market investor or trader. To start your investing journey, you can use one of the best trading apps for easy investing. 

A stock trading app provides quick access to market data which is useful for stock analysis and eases out the investing process. You can access your demat and trading accounts through the stocks trading app and invest for a suitable time horizon.

  • Market research analyst: A market research analyst helps an investor make an investment decision by researching the present and historical performance of a company. They help create curated investment portfolios and investment strategies for their clients. 
  • Dealer: They buy, hold, and sell shares and securities in the stock market before the demand for particular stock spikes. Dealers operate on a large scale as a business and trade on their own accounts. 
  • Investment consultant: These people have good knowledge and expertise in the stock market and help their clients make profitable investment decisions. An investment consultant advises a client based on his investment objective and financial situation. Investment consultants may operate individually or in association with a financial institution. 
  • Financial analyst: A professional who extracts, organizes, and interprets financial data to give forecasts and track metrics. They create simulations and financial models for clients to help them understand the market scenario.
  • Fundamental analyst: Professionals who perform all-encompassing research on a company, stock, or market. They present the inherent risk or opportunity present in any financial decision. 

How to Start Working in the Stock Market

  1. Complete your education: To make a career in the stock market, the first step is to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance, accounting, business, or any other related field. A good understanding of mathematics, finance, accounts, statistics, and economics is of great value in the stock market and companies seek people from such educational backgrounds. 
  2. Pursuing a specialized course in the stock market: A Diploma in Finance & Stock Market, Diploma in Research Analysis, Equity Dealer Certificate Course, Advanced Diploma in Financial Markets, and some advanced courses in SEBI can land you a high-paying and desirable job in the stock market. Individuals equipped with such specialised knowledge are much in demand by the leading brokerage houses.
  3. Get a SEBI certification: Once you complete your education, apply for certification with the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). With this certification, you can forward a new member application to the NSE (National Stock Exchange) and trade on your client’s behalf.
  4. Get the relevant licence: You need to qualify the relevant examinations to get a licence for selling securities in various states of the country from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. 
  5. Apply for relevant jobs: Create a resume highlighting your knowledge, skills, and experience. Apply for various stock market-related jobs that match your career goals. 

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The stock market offers lucrative career options for enthusiastic and motivated individuals who equip themselves with the right knowledge and experience to be a stock market professional.