How to Draw A Treasure Chest

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How to Draw A Treasure Chest. While pirates were a real threat when they roamed the seven seas, they have been romanticized in literature and film, and many icons are associated with them.

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One of the most classic pirate tropes involves a chest full of loot to bury, and learning how to draw a treasure chest can be a fun way to imagine all that pirate loot!

If you’ve always wanted to imagine what it would be like to be a swashbuckling pirate, this is the perfect tutorial!

How to Draw A Treasure Chest

Step 1

In this first step of our guide to drawing a treasure chest, we’ll start with the outline of the treasure chest.

Use a ruler if you have one handy for this step, as we aim to have straight edges for the chest and lid.

For the opening of the case and the lid, we draw two connected rectangles. The reference image guides you to the angle at which these rectangles should be.

The bottom rectangle will also have small gaps for the treasure to flow out of.

Finally, add a rounded line on the right side of the lid and then draw some straight lines down from the corners of the bottom lid. Finally, let’s draw a rolled-up card sticking out of the chest.

Step 2

A treasure chest is only as impressive as its treasure, and it looks like whoever grabbed it has loot royalty! In this part of your treasure chest, we’ll use coins to draw a fancy crown on a small pillow.

This crown will be placed on the lower left side of the chest, and we will use a combination of curved and straight lines to draw it.

There will also be a small rounded crown, and then you can draw the pillow she’s sitting on.

Before the next step, you can also use some rounded shapes for coins that will be placed next to the crown.

Step 3

In this step of our guide on drawing a treasure chest, we will add more treasures to the picture.

In this step, we’ll show you some of the treasures we’d envision in this chest, but feel free to add any other treasures you’d like!

We’ve added some more circular shapes to show off a few more coins in the chest, to begin with.

Then we added many small circles connected to show some strands of beads falling from her chest.

These beads will also fill in some of the smaller gaps you left in the border. Finally, we added some small triangular shapes for diamonds sticking out of the hoard.

Step 4

In this fourth part of the treasure chest drawing, we will take the focus away from the treasure for now and focus on some details of the treasure chest itself.

First, add another rectangular shape inside the perimeter of the lid to outline the inside of the lid.

Next, add a jagged curved line on the left side. After drawing, you can add some straight lines for a wood effect.

Next, draw some square shapes inside the front and sides of the chest’s perimeters and add straight lines for more wood texture.

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You can also draw a rounded shape keyhole on the front of the chest. Then you’re ready for some final details in the next part!

Step 5

Before we start adding some color in the final step of this treasure chest drawing guide, let’s first add some final pieces of treasure to top it off.

This is another step where you can get creative and add some unique treasures to the image.

We added and drew more coins stacked on each other, along with more strands of beads and some small cups.

Step 6

Now it’s time to complete the design of your treasure chest by adding some amazing colors that will bring it to life!

In our example image, we kept the treasure colors nice and light by adding some bright yellows, reds, and other colors.

Then for the chest, we used light browns and grays for the woody and metallic parts, respectively.

Your Treasure Chest Drawing is Finished!

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