The use of Ibogaine for smoking cessation

There have been studies conducted on the use of Ibogaine for smoking cessation. According to researchers, Ibogaine treatment may be helpful in the treatment of smoking addiction. In one study done in the U.S., 40 heavy smokers were asked to quit using other methods before undergoing a 3 week course of ibogaine.

The result of the study showed that 80% of those who received ibogaine therapy became smoke free and 75% of them remained smoke free. Many people have used ibogaine for the treatment of nicotine addictions.

In one study, the average amount of tobacco used was 17 cigarettes per day. It was reported that 85% of the patients who received ibogaine therapy for 3 weeks were Ibogaine abstinent after 2 months of follow-up. Another study found that 60% of people who underwent ibogaine treatment became smoke free.

In the second study, only 3 days of ibogaine treatment was found to be helpful in smoking cessation. However, 7 out of 11 participants of this study were able to stay abstinent and no deaths were reported. It has been suggested that the treatment can be done safely without any side effects.

You can do research online about the effects of Ibogaine. You may also visit a website that sells ibogaine as a smoking cessation product.