How do some companies get big?

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In the first part of this series of articles, it was said that in today’s competitive world, success and prosperity only belong to companies that are innovative and different from others and do things that make them stand out from their competitors, and the positive opinion of employees, customers, and markets. to attract Meanwhile, the role and influence of organizational culture as the main pillar and basis for companies to grow and look different are undeniable.

In every industry and sector, there are a number of little-known but innovative companies that have been able to make great progress and thrive despite many limitations, through some initiatives and seeing issues in a different way, and creating constructive relationships. In the previous section, the example of Zappos was mentioned, which was able to achieve great success through the implementation of its unique organizational culture in the field of recruiting and retaining its employees.

  Warby Parker

Warpi Parker Company, one of the important manufacturers of glasses in the world, has been selling prescription glasses online since 2010 and has been able to keep the price of its products low through direct online sales to customers and eliminating middlemen. What has made Parker company different from other companies is the organizational culture based on happiness, which has turned the active work teams in this company into dynamic and lively groups that have achieved high levels of productivity and efficiency due to their high morale and motivation.

In this interesting and in many ways unique organizational culture, members of work teams and different departments have the possibility to spend certain hours together outside the company environment and for example, go out together for breakfast or work lunch. to do their work there. Of course, these friendly meetings are planned and done with the information of the company’s management, and all the members of the work teams are already aware of the time and place of the team and company meetings, and in other words, they are looking forward to their arrival.

Interestingly, during these work sessions outside the company environment, people help each other regardless of their responsibilities and position in the company or their role in the work team, and for example, each of them spontaneously takes responsibility for tasks such as procurement, and cleaning the place. 

They take charge of holding a tour and providing a private vehicle to go to the tour. In addition, one of the rewards provided by the managers of Parker Company for diligent and active employees is to send them to the staff meetings by chance, which has created pleasant and valuable experiences and significant motivation for the employees of this successful and progressive company. Does Warby Parker Take Insurance?

It is possible to determine the number of glasses without the need for an ophthalmologist 

The Vision Check optometry device, which was unveiled at CES 2019, can determine the user’s prescription glasses number at home without a doctor’s prescription.

Advancement of science and development Technology has made life easier for humans. At a time when startups such as Warby Parker, Zenni Optical, and Eye Buy Direct have made important changes in the world of technology and its relationship with the user and have gained popularity and reputation as retailers that are direct and without any, An intermediary provides the product to the consumer, conditions have become possible for users to buy prescription glasses without going through traditional sales processes and insurance policies.

On Sunday, during the CES 2019 exhibition, the Eye Que Vision Check vision measuring device was introduced, which hopes to make this process better and easier by eliminating the need for an optometrist. This portable device equipped with Bluetooth, which works with a mobile app, allows the user to perform vision tests at home. A device that can detect myopia, farsightedness, and astigmatism of the eyes.

After the test, this device determines the person’s “eyeglass number”. The number output of this device is the same as prescription glasses, but there is no need for a doctor’s (ophthalmologist) signature. The user can go to the sellers who accept Vision Check ophthalmic numbers to get the prescription glasses he needs with the glasses number given by Vision Check. Like Zenni Optical and EyeBuyDirect. Therefore, there is no need to make an appointment with an eye doctor or wait in the waiting room to buy prescription glasses.

This device works in such a way that the user must continue the two red and green lines until the two lines meet. Then, using the key on top of VisionCheck, you can move the lines closer or further apart. The number of times the user clicks on these buttons determines the number of glasses of the person.

The process of calculating eye numbers is a bit long and takes about 20 minutes. In addition, the initial process of working with Vision Check is a bit difficult. This device is more suitable for those users who have to constantly check their eye number, not for users who have to go to the eye doctor for an examination maybe once a year.

The Eye  Que Vision Check is a newer model of last year’s Eye Que device, which is currently sold online at Amazon and BestBuy for $30. Unlike its predecessor, Vision Check is equipped with Bluetooth and can automatically measure the distance between the internal optical lenses without the need to manually rotate the eyewashes.

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The Indiegogo website campaign for Vision Check has reached its goal and the company plans to launch this product around March of this year (March) or sooner. Leave your comments in Share the plaza with us.