How to Make Your Home Super Cozy

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You might think those cozy good looking minimalist homes aren’t possible in real life because you see them on magazines and websites about home decor. And they seem to be created only for a particular photo shoot. We’re not saying you’re completely wrong. But that doesn’t mean a real-life comfortable, inviting, and relaxing home is impossible. Keep reading to find out how to make your home super cozy. 

The importance of a comfortable home

First of all, let’s talk about the importance and benefits of a comfortable home. It shouldn’t be just about wanting something that looks like it came off magazine pages. Your home is the place where you spend most of your time. Hence, it’s important for your mental health that it feels cozy and nice. The interior surrounding you can greatly impact how you feel when in it. Of course, being proud of how it looks and knowing people can’t wait to be invited to your home is a great bonus. One that increases your overall psychological well-being too in a way. 

What to do to have a cozy home 

So what are the things that make a home cozy? Don’t worry, none of them are extremely pricey or out of your reach in some other way. To have a cozy home, you should make sure it’s warm, it has comfortable furniture, there is no clutter and it’s clean. Here’s how: 

Make it feel warm 

There are three elements of a warm home: color, light, and materials. 

When it comes to colors, we recommend shades that are by definition called warm. But you want to stick to their lighter shades, as darker colors won’t have such a good effect on the comfort of your home. This is because the lack of light is usually making us feel uncomfortable. 

And speaking of light, for a comfortable home you want a lot of it and also in warmer shades. So, think yellow LEDs and light bulbs, rather than the usual white ones. White lights give a flat and even cold feeling to the space and that’s exactly what you want to avoid. As a bonus, LED lights are energy-efficient. While this might not be a visual treat, saving money and energy can add up to the overall positive feel of your home. 

As for the materials, you should choose those with a warm feel to them. What we mean is don’t choose metal but choose wood for example. This goes for your furniture and any other accessories. 

Also, decorate with rugs, soft blankets, covers, and cushions wherever it makes sense. This will make the space feel filled in a good kind of way. It can help to stop echo in a room. This is important because echo makes space feel cold and uninviting. Additionally, these rugs, cushions and covers increase the temperature of the space, which is the ultimate goal on your way to creating a warm cozy environment. 

Choose comfortable furniture

When choosing sofas and armchairs, chairs you will for sure try to find something both comfortable and good looking. Keep in mind though that comfortable sitting isn’t just soft. You should choose furniture that will take care of your posture. Too soft can be bad for us. Rather go for ergonomic options. 

Another important thing is space between your furniture. If the pieces of furniture are too close it will make you and your guests feel trapped. Because getting up and walking around might feel like you’re on an obstacle course. So ensure the pieces are far apart enough for everyone to pass between them unobstructed. 


A cozy home can’t have too many things laying around.  Furniture, carpets, pillows, and all other accessories are great as we said and they play an important role in comfort. But don’t go overboard otherwise you’ll create clutter. And clutter will make anyone spending time in the space feel like they are suffocating. 

If it’s hard to remove unnecessary things, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people get attached to their belongings and it’s hard to throw them away. Remind yourself you’ll feel better once you remove what you don’t use. During the process, try asking yourself if you need all of it and if it serves a purpose. 


Maybe it goes without saying, but it’s so important we felt like we should additionally stress it. No home can be cozy if it’s not clean. Don’t forget to take care of the things only cleaned occasionally, like windows or furniture surfaces. You don’t always have to wait for the spring cleaning to get things done. 

One thing that adds to the clean feeling of a home is a lovely smell. So choose products for cleaning based on their aroma. Or increase the feeling of comfort after cleaning with candles or air refresher. Smells that are most often recommended are the ones like apple and cinnamon or vanilla, but you’re welcome to make your own choices. Stay away from overly intense ones, though. 

Wrap up 

Colors, materials, lights, furniture, lack of clutter, and hygiene are some of the things that make a house feel like home. And don’t forget to tweak things a bit to your liking while following our instructions.  Because a personal touch is a special and important element of a comfortable home.