5 Expert Tips for Prepping a Site for Construction

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Almost every construction project starts off with a bare plot of land. A lot of people think shoveling a bit of dirt from one pile to another is all they need to do to start construction.

In reality, there are several factors you have to consider about the land, including its location and the laws that apply to it. Prepping a site for construction can often take more than a few months, so it’s best to do things right the first time around.

Here are five tips you should know to prepare your land for new construction.

Get the Land Surveyed and Evaluated

Before committing to the highly time-consuming and expensive process of building construction, it’s crucial to get your land surveyed and evaluated. It’s the first and most important step in preparing your site.

Doing so will help you avoid lengthy processes and unnecessary additional costs later on in the project. A qualified land surveyor can tell you what you’ll be able to build and not build on the land. 

Determine Utility Accessibility of the Land

Although it’s best to get this done before your land purchase, determining if your land has water, power, and sewer access is a must before starting any kind of construction. You’ll most likely have access to those resources if you’re in a city, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Contact the real estate agent or the seller of the land to confirm if public water is available. Purchasing land that has all of the necessary utilities will save you a lot of time and money.

Check the Zoning and Subdivision Laws

Zoning and building permits can often take time, so if you want to begin construction faster, apply for them immediately after purchasing the land. You might require permits for utility access as well.

Another important detail to check is whether your land is in a specific subdivision or not. You’ll have to reach out to your local government to determine that.

Hire Experts to Clear the Land

Depending on the house plan you’ve chosen, you can now begin the land-clearing process. You can either hire a homebuilder and ask them to clear the land or hire professionals specifically for it before starting construction.

Create a plan for hiring professionals to excavate trees, demolish existing structures, and get rid of debris using horizontal grinder equipment. You can either hire a land clearing or land preparation contractor for the job.

Create a Layout of the Building

Now that your land is ready for construction, you have to figure out where you want the building to be located. You might already have an idea of the location and layout, but making a decision here without proper planning and research can be devastating.

The building’s location should be determined through factors like where the utility connections are located, how accessible the location is to the builders, and the equipment needed for construction.