Germany Dedicated Server – High Performance and Low Cost Guaranteed

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Germany dedicated server is a computer or a system that is completely at the disposal of the user.

Unlike a VPS or virtual private server that share s the resources of a dedicated server with the other users, a dedicated server offers complete access of the machine to the users. The users benefit from availing complete use of the RAM, storage space, CPU power and most importantly network bandwidth. Germany Dedicated Server solutions are based on best hardware completely committed to performing the tasks that the users are in need of. Majority of the server hosting providers like Onlive Server use Super-micro hardware with Intel Xeon server processors for the most flexible, secure and powerful dedicated hosting solutions. The servers are connected with 10 TB network up-link making way for fast data transfer speeds, not to forget the generous bandwidth allowance of 100 Mbps. The providers also offer remote KVM access so that the users can control the core of their servers at a hardware level.

Other Important Specifications

Germany dedicated servers are known for their hand-picked hardware that is examined and bench-marked for different generations of technology. They pack the latest CPU speed of 3.80 GHz, 4 cores CPU, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SATA storage space. Apart from this, you also get the highest clock speeds and fast RAM chosen for performance-sensitive and horizontally scaling databases and applications.

With a fully bespoke and automated provisioning podium, you get custom servers built and installed in no time. This offers you the ability of scaling your environment in line with your workload requirements and enjoy huge scalability. Operating systems compatible with the dedicated servers in Germany are Centos, Parallels Cloud Server, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Citrix XenServer and more. In the control panel category, there are Plesk, DirectAdmin and cPanel readily available. You get all these features and specifications within a price of 69$ on a monthly basis which is quite affordable.

How Competitively Priced are the VPS Servers in Germany?

Germany VPS server clients are provided with a fully customized approach that has the ability of getting to the core of their requirements and offers solutions and exceeds their expectations. Service provision level in the field of Germany VPS hosting is simply wonderful along with staff dedication and an assortment of bespoke solutions at process that are amongst the best in the industry. The services available in the field of Germany VPS hosting ensure value-led offering that always seems to be worth the investment.

This is not the end though. There are many servers that are set up included in rates. This means that getting the dedicated or the VPS servers provisioned in quite easy. It is a procedure that can be carried out within a time span of one hour once the payment has been made. However, a major part of this procedure is also dependent on the specifications of the server. Server hosting solutions in Germany come with the guarantee of beating almost all costs available throughout the industry.

Some frequently asked questions in the context of Germany dedicated and VPS hosting solutions include:

  1. How are lowest costs guaranteed?

Lowest costs for web server hosting solutions in Germany are guaranteed because of the providers owning their very own supply chains.

  • Are the servers backed-up?

Yes, the server providers help with server backups and users get the option of adding this specification to their packages.

  • What can be installed on the servers?

Email applications, instant messaging solutions and websites along with forums, e-commerce systems and blogs can easily be installed.

  • Are there any defined limits?

Yes, there are defined limits with the packages for providing good services.

  • Is unlimited disk space offered?

No, unlimited disk space ad monthly bandwidth are not offered in order to decrease the risk of network abuse.