Top 3 questions we get on electric bikes that recharge as they are ridden

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1.” Do you have that electric bike that recharges itself?”

2. “How long do you have to go downhill before the battery is fully charged?”

3. “Do I have to pedal to recharge an electric bike?”

Sadly, the reality of electric bikes is you still have to recharge. The electric bike which comes closest to the dream of a magic electric bike with infinite battery life is The Sanyo Eneloop electric bike. It uses regenerative braking to power up as you go downhill or come to a stop.

We all want something for nothing, but before you call up asking any of these questions, give our article on self-charging electric bikes a read. Chances are you’ll end up being more excited by the current technology than frustrated by its limitations.

The Pacific Cycle IF Reach DC

We just finished field testing on our most amazing electric folding bike yet. The IF Reach DC from Pacific Cycles is a very well made, top quality folding bicycle. The IF Reach DC is tons of fun to ride. With the integrated electric bike system it provides smooth power through all your gears. This type of electric assist allows a smaller battery and electric motor, you, therefore, get a very lightweight electric bike with enough power to go up steep hills

Bert has spent all Sunday in New York City’s Central Park, test riding and shooting footage for another youtube video featuring the amazing IF Reach DC electric folding bicycle IF Reach DC video. Click to read more about this great electric folding bike in the IF Reach DC product review.

What is the best electric bike kit?

If you are an avid biker who needs an extra push, a recreational cyclist who just loves their bike, or if you own a recumbent bike or trike, installing an electric bike kit is a great way to boost your speed, range, and enjoyment. Rather than buying a new fully electric bike, the best electric bike kits allow you to convert your tried and true steed to an electric powerhouse. “What is the best electric bike kit?”, you may ask? Well, in our opinion, either the BionX bike kit or – a close second – the eZee Bike kit.

On the other hand, if you are just looking for the best electric ride out there, electric bike kits like the Bronx are still a great option. They are very powerful, with smooth pedal assistance, the highest quality batteries, and 4 modes of riding which actually recharge the batteries (in this case it doubles as an exercise bike).

If you’ve never heard of them, or if you’re wondering what’s the best electric bike kit out there, read on!

Pacific IF Mode puts the butterflies in your stomach!

When Pacific Cycles created the IF Mode bicycle they must have known that anyone who saw it would be instantly drawn to its beauty. I certainly was; I couldn’t resist it. Something about its sculpted and frame and clean lines instills one with a feeling of sophistication and precision. To see how it would hold up on a New York City commute, I took the IF Mode for a ride around Manhattan’s West Village. What I found was that it not only looks good, it rides very well too!

Among folding bikes, the IF mode stands alone in terms of design. There is really no way, short of trying it yourself, to describe how cool the folding mechanism is, how fluid and well thought out it is. After a little practice opening the IF Mode bicycle starts to have the reflexive feeling of flipping open your cell phone or opening a laptop. Read more about my experience at my IF Mode review.

Lightweight Electric Bikes: Wave of the Future?

Robert came to visit us from Washington D.C. yesterday and is looking to upgrade his electric bike from an eZee Liv to something lighter. We let him ride a variety of electric bikes, and he seems to like the lighter weight of the IF Reach DC electric folding bike. The smaller wheels, lightweight battery, and smooth integration of the motor make this much easier to carry up and down stairs. He doesn’t even care about the fact that it folds!

Other great options for lightweight electric bikes were BionX-converted Dahon folding bikes. He tried the Dahon Matrix with a BionX PL350, and also considered the Dahon MuP8 with a BionX PL350.

With compact folding frames, smaller electric bikes are much easier to manage. We’re seeing more and more of this style of electric bikes lately.

Hybrid Electric Bikes

NYCeWheels is focusing more on true hybrid electric bikes these days. Just like we did back in 2001 when the best electric bikes ever made was the Giant Lite and the Aprilia electric assist bicycles. Consumers demanded more and more power and speed, just like our cars. This of course results in much heavier bikes that need heavier batteries to get a usable range per charge. One of the electric bikes of the new generation is the Sanyo Eneloop hybrid bicycle

Electric hybrid bicycles are enjoyed by bike riders, commuters, and weekenders that enjoy riding a well made electric bike that handles like a non-powered bicycle. A true electric hybrid bike is almost as light as a non-powered bicycle. A true electric hybrid bicycle only enhances the riders input. This makes it feel like you are riding a regular bike but you have super-powers. Read more about electric hybrid bikes

Sanyo electric bike, Earth day special

The Sanyo electric bike will ship for free (a $150 value) till Earth day (April 22nd, 2010). The Eneloop Electric Bike has quickly become NYCeWheels favorite bike. At NYCeWheels, we call it the smile-machine, free shipping is guaranteed to widen that smile even more : ) The Eneloop Electric bicycle has a 9/10 conversion rate, as in 9 out of 10 test rides result in a sale. This is solid proof that this electric bike is exactly what the customer expects of a well made, easy to ride and fun electric bike.

What better way to celebrate Earth day then to go electric on one of the most efficient electric bicycles we carry. The Sanyo Eneloop hybrid bike uses the latest technology in regenerative energy-looping (recharges some of your battery while coasting or going downhill). The Sanyo Eneloop Electric Bike can also easily run on a modest size solar panel, like the HIT high performance, see-through solar array.

Folding commuter bikes are the best way to get around.

Commuting on a regular bike is fine, until rain or a flat tire forces you off the road. With a folding bike, you could easily pack up and jump in a cab or on the subway, but with a full-sized bike, this could be a nightmare. Bike commuters arrive at work more energized and focused, with reduced stress and tension.

A folding commuter bike can turn your morning slog into an enjoyable ride in the fresh air, but is commuting on a folding bike safe? Which folding bikes make the best commuter rides? Why is a folding bike so much better for commuting? We answer all these questions and more in a short article on folding commuter bikes.

Sanyo Eneloop electric bike: Cruising the Upper East Side

There is a lot of talk around the shop these days about the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike. It is heralded as the best electric bike, the “smile-machine”, the next generation of pedal assist electric bikes. But how does the bike stand up the hype? To see for myself, I took the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike out for a spin around Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

I had only my intuition to guide me on this test ride. I read no manual beforehand, Bert handed the bike over and said, “See you in a half an hour!” So with literally no knowledge of how to work the bike, I think I did pretty well. And that was not surprising. The Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle is extremely simple to operate and very easy to ride. My first impression was very positive.

Have a look at my Sanyo Eneloop electric bike review.

The motorized bicycle, an electric marvel.

Imagine your on the side of a busy road. Your motorized bicycle has just run out of gas. It now drags lifeless and heavy as you try to pedal it to the nearest gas station. What a nightmare! Gas powered motorized bikes have been around for a long time, but no matter how advanced they get you will always have to go out of your way to refuel them. But if you’ve got your heart set on a motorized bicycle, fear not! There is another way.

Electric bicycles are best-motorized bicycles. Why? Because they are light, fast, safe, and easy to use. There are many different kinds, so getting a grasp on which electric motorized bike is the best for you may seem a little daunting. Luckily, it is all simpler than it seems at first. Read on to find out more about electric motorized bicycles.

OHM Electric Bikes: New for 2019

If there is a brand in our store using top quality electric components as well as top quality mechanical parts, it would have to be OHM electric bikes. The Urban and Sport models use the BionX electric conversion kit, as well as excellent Shimano shifters and brakes. They are really some of the best electric bikes available. For 2010, OHM redesigned some of their electric bike models. The Sport added a rear rack and fenders to its already stellar design, and both bikes are now using improved battery technology. Check out the NYCeWheels Blog for more information!