Tips to select an ideal e-liquid

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To have the perfect taste of vape for your requirements you need to have an ideal e-liquid too.Along with all the available alternatives while selecting e-liquids, how to select an ideal one.


the foremost thing to take into account while purchasing a simply e-liquid us its flavor. Even if all the other elements like the power of nicotine, PG or VG and vapor generation is ideal if the flavor is not appealing the e-liquid is of no use. Luckily, e-liquid comes in every possible flavor you desire of.

Fresh users can make use of tobacco blends that resembles the taste of the traditional cigarette. Most of the e-liquid producers acknowledge this so they make different tobacco mixes which resembles the taste of famous traditional cigarette brands.

While selecting flavor for e-liquids, initiate with the flavors which you are sure you will like them once you take a good start, initiate by blending and mixing others too.

Power of nicotine

one the flavor is selected, the next things are to ascertain the power of nicotine you desire. Nicotine is available in different powers. 

  • High- 18mg to 36 mg
  • Medium- 9mg to 16mg
  • Low- 6mg and below

Determining an ideal nicotine power is essential as a small quantity will offer you a compressed vape while too much will lead to pain in the head. Initiate with the medium power and then alter as per your needs.

PG or VG

The core base of the solution can be of 3 kinds:

  •  Propylene Glycol (PG) or
  •  Vegetable Glycerol (VG),
  •  Or a blend of both.

PG serves more proportion of flavor but generates lesser vapor. VG has a little sweet taste and thus do not offer greater exposure to the flavor. 
Due to the clear cut differentiation in vape quality producers generates e-liquids of both categories.

A general proportion of PG to VG is 4:6 and most of the users are pleased with the flavor and the quantity of vapor this offers.

Although, there are some individuals who have allergies against PG. If you figure out something like this after pure PG or pure VG vaping stop using it.


the absolute proportion of e-liquid blending alternative can be pleasant for any vaper be a fresh one or a well-experienced one. In case it is possible to check out the flavors before buying them. The significant of examining can be stressed as it offers bleak experience. Not all kinds of liquids are equal some have variations in flavors and nicotine power.

Sum it up,

it will probably take a considerable amount of time figuring out an ideal flavor, nicotine power and PG/VG proportion that will be ideal for you. Do not go in for something which is readily available. It is a great fun experience to try out new things and check out various other brands. So do not hesitate to purchase the best e-liquid in the UK from a well established and reputed brand. The money you feel will be saved while purchasing inexpensive things will result in costing you much more in a longer duration of time.

All you need to do is a calmly experiment with different stuff. Once you figure out ideal stuff for yourself your experiments are successful
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