Why should I use Microsoft Dynamics CRM in my business?

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As we all know that a business is much better than a job in this modern world of 2019. If you are thinking about to run a business you should have some idea about new business tools and techniques. It became familiar as a business system now although it is a CRM system, isn’t it the functional aspect where awareness is best when selecting a product? Although it is important how low cost it can be introduced, it is the first decision to choose a product that fits your environment. If careful and appropriate product selection is possible, it can be said that half of the CRM system introduction issues have been cleared.

So what should we do to make an appropriate product selection?

First of all, to understand the basic functions of the CRM system. By knowing what the CRM system basically has and what it needs, you can make a solid reference at the time of selection.

Customer management function

It provides complete information about the customer including their name, address and contact number.

Before the introduction of the Microsoft Dynamics Partner in UAE, such information is often managed by Excel, but the CRM system not only manages customer information but also enhances convenience by using a name identification function, etc., or marketing registered customer information It can be used for customer support.

In addition, because it is possible to manage the contents of the deal and the contents of the deal, it is also possible to streamline customer response.

Sales support function   

The sales support function is originally a function that the SFA system itself has, and is a function to support sales activities by the sales department efficiently performing daily work and appropriately managing the schedule.  For example, you can use the daily report function on the system to report sales activities, or use a to-do list or schedule that can be shared across sales departments.

The point of looking at the sales support function is “Is it so simple that the sales department can’t bother?” Sales often go outside, so I don’t like the time-consuming work I have to do because I don’t have much time at the desk.

Therefore, it is important to choose a sales support function with a simple and easy-to-understand interface.

Marketing support function    

In CRM systems, there are products with marketing support functions to utilize managed customer information. At its core is the mail delivery function, which allows you to send a large number of emails at once depending on the customer.

In addition, in order to respond to social marketing, which has become increasingly important in recent years, in collaboration with SNS, marketing support functions are constantly improving, reflecting the trends of the times.

Customer support function        

If you have a company with a certain size of customer support, it is essential to display customer information in conjunction with PBX and CTI and to manage support cases.

By using the customer support function of the CRM system, it is possible to display appropriate information each time out of centrally managed customer information and optimize complaint handling.

Create sales reports quickly

In the sales department, if you can shorten the time to create sales reports, it will be a great efficiency improvement. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM service Dubai, it is possible to extract necessary data from centrally managed customer information, and quickly create sales reports by using graphs and the like.

Also, even if output to Microsoft Excel file, it can be linked with the system dynamically and real-time analysis is possible.

Final words

What do you think? The important thing in CRM system selection is to first understand the basic functions, understand the features of each product, and compare them to their own requirements. By doing so, it is possible to introduce a CRM system that suits the environment and to instill the system in relevant departments. When selecting a CRM system, I would like you to aim for appropriate product selection by referring to the basic functions introduced this time and the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.