Expert Tips for Making a Successful Android Application

In this highly-technologized era, Android applications are everywhere. From millions of smartphones and smart devices to virtual assistants and driverless cars, Android applications are revolutionizing the business and market sectors.

If you wish to create great quality and highly-functional Android application then having a clear understanding of the industry trends and companies is of core importance. However, the app development industry is highly-competitive, showcasing the business services and products through a mobile application is one of the innovative business marketing approaches.

When it comes to developing a high-end application, creativity and innovation play a pivotal in its creation. However, the market and industry trends along with user needs and demands must be considered in the app development process. When it comes to app development, the choice of platform is one of the initial steps in the development process. So far, Android is one of the largely-used, cohesive and widely-preferred app development. Not only Android app share more than half of the global market share but the ease-of-use and accessibility makes it the top priority of many app developers and designers.

No secret formula can ensure the success of your developed mobile application. However, certain tips and tricks can take your developed application and mobile solution to the next level. The chief goal of every application is to offer high functionality and increased efficiency. Get a clear idea about the app development process and integrate these tips into your process to get the possible results and products:

•    Keeping It Simple:

Before jumping directly on the app development process, it is important to identify the need of the application and determine the market demand of it. Knowing what targets can be achieved through the developed not only helps you in staying focus but it also assists you in figuring out the right solution to the problem.

Review and analyze the performance and functionality of your developed application on each phase to ensure the app’s stability and robustness.

•    Get To Know Your Targeted Audience:

Knowing who your potential prospects and targeted users are, helps in giving a competitive edge to your organization and its products and services. It is a well-known fact that people install apps to accomplish a particular purpose or to use it for certain objectives. If the developed app doesn’t meet those needs and requirements than it is bound to get uninstalled in the next instance.

Developing applications and mobile solutions with a clear knowledge of the target audience provides you with a better understanding of the app’s features and usability. To make that the developed is as per the user’s requirements, many companies and business organizations hire online app development services like The Apptivity. These online services providers guarantee acquirement of successful apps and solutions.

•    Design:

Once you are done with determining the goals and audience of the app, it’s time to start working on the design phase of the app. When it comes to selecting the design elements, make sure your chosen elements contribute to making the app efficient and highly-functional. Before starting with the designing phase, make sure to go through the Android design guidelines.

The design of your application can make all the difference. It all about the tiny details, design transitions and sound effects that can make a great impression on the potential prospects and targeted users. Where some people go for the DIY approach in app design, it is highly suggested to get assistance from the experienced developers and professional service providers like TheApptivity.

•    Usability:

Usability test and analysis is one of the crucial phases of the entire app development process. Determine which features and details need testing and conduct a thorough testing process. The purpose of this test is to get a better understanding of how the actual end-users will interact with the developed application and to improve the app based on those results. The chief objective of usability testing is to enhance the product’s design and determine the major goals of the developed solution or app.

End users and teammates should conduct the process in order to fine-tune the features and tweak different details before the app is launched in the market.


Using the proven business model and current market and industry trends can help you in monetizing your developed application. A clear idea about the Android market combined with these tips and tricks and a great market plan can help you in improving the overall position and market stature of your business and brand.