5 Easy-to-use Logo Makers to Design Free Logos

The logo is an element that can define the values and success of our business. It is one of the most important parts of the brand strategy, through the direct connection between the image and the customer’s perception of our business. A good logo will directly improve our perception in the market and our reputation on the Internet whether we are a recently created company or with more experience in the market.

But we all know that creating an image that has an impact on customers is not easy. For this reason, in order to design a customized logo at our disposal, there are some free online tools that allow us to create a design that fits our needs in a few minutes. 

Here are brief introductions of these logo makers.

The first logos tool I want to recommend is DesignEvo. With it, the creative process of a logo becomes fairly simple. Simply choose the category we will create for our company or business, and then select the design that best suits our needs. DesignEvo has provided 9000+ pre-established designs, which we can customize once we have made the selection of the logo. Each element is combinable with the others, and we can customize them until we achieve the desired result. At last, it is available to preview the final result and download a free small size without watermarks. From my point of view, DesignEvo is the first choice to design a professional logo.

  • Logaster

Logatser is one of the applications most used by people who want to create a logo. It will allow you to create a logo online in minutes. Simply enter the name of your brand and choose the type of logo. In this way, Logaster will automatically generate dozens of logos so you can choose, edit, customize and download. What’s more, you can use the logo created to make a business card, envelopes, letterheads, or for use in personal accounts of social networks. In its free plan, you can download in small size without watermarks and transparent background. Logaster has created more than 9,000,000 logos to help design and create your own logo and corporate identity.

  • Hipster Logo Generator

Another maker of online logos that you can use is the Hipster Logo Generator. Just in the name, you will understand that this free logo creation software is made for hipsters. It is an online drawing tool that can be used to create vintage hippy-style logos, especially bebop. To create our free logo, we need to choose a starting base shape from those available. Once chosen the base, successive steps allow you to add decorations, images, and insert texts by choosing one of the many characters made available to us. The result can be downloaded in a transparent PNG format with a size of 600 × 500 px for free. It is an Interesting tool that focuses more on the forms or symbols than on the texts themselves.

  • Designhill Logo Maker

One of the pages to designing free logos that you can use is Designhill Logo Maker.  You will be able to create truly surprising logos in a simple, fast way and through a functional and clean graphical interface. All templates are divided into various categories to start with. You will be able to insert texts, choose fonts and colors, rotate, resize and transform the logo with many useful tools. You can also upload images, writings and icons created or taken from other sources, insert shades, reflections and shadows. The logo created can be downloaded for free in PNG format with a transparent background.

  • FreeLogoDesign

Like the other tools, free logo design also has a simple interface to apply. We simply enter the name and choose a category of our company, and then the platform will offer us a series of options depending on the creation of the logo. In the design process, you will be able to customize your logo by changing the color, shape, font with powerful functions. It is a very easy tool to use, that even with your eyes closed, still allow you to obtain wonderful results. The free option will allow you to download it, but with a somewhat lower quality level.

Final words

Creating a great logo is an act that requires balance. There is a thin line between editing too much or too little. Work by making slight advances, and make minor changes to refine your design. Sometimes you need to pause and come back later to be able to judge whether a design element is truly the right choice.

At last, we hope that this simple list will help you in your creative process. It is important that you make different tests of your designs and take into account the opinions of the third parties. Anyway, never forget the importance of logo for the marketing strategies of your business.