Trekking in Nepal Quick Guide

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Top Five Trekking Packages of Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek

Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp is one of those outings that make your vacation dreams work out as expected. Climbing on the unbelievable lower regions just beneath the forceful Everest with stunning perspectives on the ace pinnacles must be found in the Everest Region.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp is regularly alluded to as the Annapurna Sanctuary, and it’s for a valid justification. It’s hard not to feel the remoteness and isolation as you get further into these mountains. Hot springs, Rhododendron backwoods, and a stunning neighborhood culture.

Everest Gokyo Lakes Trek

An agreeable, energizing experience on high and picturesque Khumbu valley, inside Mt. Everest region with impressive perspectives that captivates you in our sublime Everest Gokyo Lake Trek and Everest base camp.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley trekking is a remote spot situated toward the north of Kathmandu, and lies in nearness to Tibet. The official outskirt among Langtang and Tibet comes high mountain peaks.This trek is in the Langtang National park and completely wild trek.

Everest High Pass Trek

Everest Three pass trek drives you to overpowering knowledge and perspectives as this experience can be taken as a little scale mountaineering, where one must be solid physically/rationally in sound wellbeing as this experience drives strolling on ice, snow, rocks, and moraine with poorly characterized a ways.

Nepal Trekking Season


Spring season is best for trekking in Nepal. This season is most appropriate for trekking and hiking. Spring offers an assortment of wild greenery blooming above 3000m which makes higher height trekking progressively agreeable and energizing.


Trekking in autumn season offers brilliant climate and magnificent mountain sees, autumn is the best season to trek in Himalayan regions of Nepal. Autumn season is the pinnacle season for trekking in autumn season climate is obvious to see the dynamite Mountain, scene, landscape and Himalayan range.


The long periods of December, January and February are cold months in Nepal. Because of winds and colder atmosphere there will be snow fall in the higher heights. Be that as it may, these months are appropriate for trekking in lower height. The individuals who go for trekking in lower height amid this period can appreciate mind boggling common view, recorded outings should be possible all year not just in winter.


Summer has arrived in Nepal and with it the broadly soggy, thick rainstorm climate that dives upon the individual, woman, and beast like a staggering, moist spread. In any case, a great many people envision extraordinary temperatures, overpowering storms that wash out augmentations.

Nepal Trekking Style

Tea House

Tea houses in Nepal are mountain holds up along the trekking trails that give dinners and settlement. Tea houses are typically possess and kept running by the nearby family. Subsequently, you will remain in rooms abutting their home with a wide assortment of home prepared dinners and private rooms.


Camping trekking in Nepal is the run of the mill procedure of trekking in Nepal Mountains and can be directed wherever in Nepal. These trekking are far from the more various trails and give wild learning in both social and regular highlights.