How Chatbots Are Changing the Ways E-commerce Businesses

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After the success of Siri by Apple, AI and marketing have merged and created chatbots. These bots offer human-like customer service experience and so much more. They are even more valuable than HughesNet Plans. More and more industries are now embracing this innovation and developing bots to offer value to their customers.

The Use of Chatbots in E-commerce

Chatbots have limitless potential and apparently, there is no market segment where they can’t be put to use. Even customers have open heartedly accepted chatbots. 47 percent of the consumers are ready and willing to buy products with the help of chatbots. In the coming days, this number will increase.

Chatbots are capable of pulling off a variety of tasks that were overwhelming otherwise. One of the most prominent improvements brought by bots is in user experience. If a user is looking for something, he isn’t alone, there’s a chatbot out there to help. This automated consultant can answer any query as per the request of the user.

The use of chatbots is also growing in data collection. These bots are very good at letting customers know what they want. This ability makes advertising campaigns much more successful. AI technology is entering the homes of consumers at such a pace which most marketers could not anticipate. Dot, Alexa, and Amazon Echo are few to name. Each customer interaction with these technologies is an opportunity to suggest some other product or service. Chatbots use AI technology to record the interests, habits and usage history of consumers to offer suggestions.

Here are some ways chatbots are changing the e-commerce businesses:

#1: Identify Consumer Habits

Chatbots are not just there to enhance customer experience, as mentioned above, they are here to gather customer data. The bot keeps on feeding litany of questions to the consumer. With each interaction, it learns about the habits and purchase-history of the consumers. This lets you offer a more personalized experience to each consumer.

Chatbots are great at adapting each consumer response to suggest them additional products or services. This can be used for presenting relevant ads. Let’s suppose a customer used Fandango chatbot to purchase a movie ticket. The chatbot can present nearby dining options because everyone likes to eat after a good movie.  

#2: Better Customer Experience

The quality of your e-commerce service depends on how engaging your customer experience was. If you can’t make a customer come back for more, chances are he is shopping somewhere else.

Chatbots are not the easy way out when it comes to offering the best customer experience but they are definitely helpful. Suppose a customer is unable to decide what product to buy. With information such as price comparison, product information or features, the bot can suggest customer something that he actually wants to buy.

#3: Faster Lead Generation

A business needs leads to survive and chatbots are great at this. They interact with customers, provide them options based on their preferences and they end up buying a product. The data collected by chatbots can be used in other advertising campaigns or for offering service subscriptions.

#4: Inventory Management

Chatbots are not just great at gathering information, they are great with handling internal information too such as the inventory level. With the help of past and current data, chatbots can come up with trends indicating when a certain item will possibly run out. They can also be used for placing orders.

Chatbots can analyze which items are popular among customers and which are not performing that well. They can also order items beforehand by looking at customer trends. They can help a business reduce its warehousing cost and make it more profitable.

#5: Help Consumers with Smart Search

AI in chatbots can detect different languages and speech patterns. With just a voice search, consumers can find what they are looking for. The bot can bring relevant results by scanning the available data. This has changed the way consumers search for product items and shop.

Bottom Line

Chatbots also offer additional benefits for e-commerce websites. They can improve their search engine ranking and conversions. There is no way you should miss out on this opportunity.

Chatbots have certainly changed the e-commerce landscape. Most brands are already using them to generate a faster response, offer better customer service and improve the overall shopping experience of customers. When you are looking for HughesNet Internet deals and put a query, their chatbot shows you offers based on your Zip Code. So, it is time to start experimenting with chatbots now if you haven’t used it in your e-commerce business yet.