3 Things to consider if you are going to the gym in Ramadan

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The ideal situation is to train right before or after Iftar

Though a lot of people believe that it is best to refrain from any kind of exercise during Ramadan but we think otherwise. Training is an important part of life. If you are someone who is already pretty habitual of hitting the gym daily, it is best if they continue going to the gym and keeping themselves fit or chances are, that the unusual eating and sleeping pattern will take a toll on your body and make all your hard work of the rest of the 11 months go down in the drain. However, this requires you to take care of a certain set of things to be able to successfully pull off a great gym routine during Ramadan while also maintaining and taking care of your ibaadah.

The rule is simple, training while you are fasting is not great. You should always avoid going to the gym during the time when you are fasting or it may negatively affect your fast. To gain strength, you must already have strength. You are definitely scarce on strength while fasting, so it is best to train after the Iftar. However, if you think you will be lazy after iftar and might not be able to do it, then train right before the Iftar.

Keep it light

This is important to address all the cardio addicts here, avoid doing cardio as much as you can. While you are fasting, your body is not functioning up to its optimal capacity. You are dehydrated, most likely sleep deprived, low on blood sugar and low on energy definitely. Hence, such heavy duty exercises will only make you more lethargic. IN some cases people even end up throwing up. So its best to keep the training minimal and have lots of intervals between small workout sesh.

Go easy on yourself!

As we said previously, keep the training easy and have mercy on yourself. You are not Bruce Lee here. Hitting the gym in Ramadan is already something not everyone can do. Though if you are lucky to successfully do it, make sure you do not overdo your self. If you are lifting weights, make sure they aren’t too heavy. Like reduce the quantity and increase the reps. Fasting for almost half a day will result in drying out all the juices form your system. Lifting heavy weights in such a situation can be jeopardizing to the health. Hence it is suggested that you keep high res with lighter weights.

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