What Are the Exact Causes behind the Common Industrial Ladder Incidents?

Falling is one of the leading causes of accidents and injuries in the workplace and in most of these accidents, ladders are involved. Damaged ladder and misuse ladder are responsible for most of the accidents. This means most of the accidents can be prevented by diligently following the precautionary actions. They can also be easily identified at the time of pre-use inspection.

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Using the inappropriate ladder

Likewise, other applications where the selection of the right tool can make boost productivity and make the work efficient, same is the case with ladders. While selecting an appropriate industrial ladder are one thing to be taken into consideration is weight capacity.

Each of the ladders is capable of supporting maximum weight limit provided the climber does not exceed that limit. This can result in breakage of the ladder and causing the user to fall apart and consequently suffer injuries.

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the height of the ladder. Both of these factors are extremely vital and if not followed, they can result in serious injuries.

Using the ladder in an incorrect way

Till date, the leading cause of ladder accidents is the human error. It is always recommended to use the ladder as advised by the manufacturer or mentioned in the manual. Do not try to make any changes in the ladder until and unless prescribed.

While using ladder always ensure to maintain 3 points of contact so as to main stability. Also, do not even take a chance to reach out for things that are a bit far away while using the ladder. Instead, get off the ladder, move it and then climb back up – a much safer approach.

Using worn out or damaged ladder

Another leading cause behind the increased ladder accidents is the usage of damaged or worn out ladders. Like any other tools and equipment, ladders to have a shelf life. With the passage of time, there comes a time when the ladder is no more capable of bearing the load and finally breaks down.

These types of ladders are extremely dangerous for they can break down at any point of time thus causing fatal injuries. Therefore, thoroughly inspect each ladder prior using it. If you come across any damage, don’t use it till the time you get it repaired.

Placing the ladder in an incorrect way

Always while using the ladder at the workplace ask your workers to make sure that the ground on which the ladder is being placed is in level and there are no pitfalls or uneven surface. Also, never place a ladder in front of a door that is not blocked, guarded or locked.

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These simple steps can prevent ladder accidents from occurring. If the above-mentioned loss prevention tips for each of the cause is followed without fail, ladder accidents can be eliminated completely. Assure your safety all year long by using the appropriate ladder to continue working smarter and safer. Online there are available widest ranges of ladders Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.