An introduction to Agricultural Hand & Farming Tools

Eastman supplies a wide range of Agricultural hand Tools and Equipment in India. Farming tools and accessories are devices we use on the field to aid us in garden work, thereby making it simple. Such types of equipment include sickle, axe, shovel, etc.

Along with our comprehensive range of agricultural tools, Eastman is also a leading supplier for hand tools manufacturer in Delhi. A field tool is any one of several tools made for plots and cultivation and overhangs with the range of tools for farming.

Types of Agricultural Tools


This tool is a hand-held farming tool with a differently curved blade typically utilized for harvesting cereal crops or cutting juicy forage chiefly for grazing livestock (either freshly chopped or dried as grass). A great variety of types is practiced across many productions. Among the origin of the Iron Age and now, centuries of region-specific modifications of this primary forage-cutting tool were formed of iron, following steel.

Example of a unique characteristic of sickles is that their blades have been manufactured in two very different manners/designs – regular or serrated. While both can (albeit with a distinct technique) be practiced for shirking either greenfield or mature seeds, it is the serrated sickle that yet manages the duty of gathering grain – with other terms the “reaping.” Modern cuisine knives with serrated knives, as well as grain-harvesting devices,  use the same pattern principle as old sickles.


A shovel is a machine for producing, raising, and driving bulk elements, such as clay, coal, sand, snow, gravel, or more. Shovels are employed widely in agriculture, architecture, and horticulture. Maximum shovels are support tools consisting of a large blade attached to a medium-length grip.


Eastman axe is characterized amongst one of the real companies for manufacturing, transporting and providing a broad range of Axe for farming purposes. Axe and our other farming tools are produced and created using most excellent quality material and are admired for their superb finish.


A pickaxe also called as the pick is a hand tool with a strong head connected perpendicular to the arm. They are utilized as devices for garden, breaking up hard covers and as farming tools. It consists of a grip and a head made of an element that has both a sharp and blunt end. The pointed end cuts up hard exteriors, while the abrupt ending can be practiced to pry something up. A pickaxe can usually break up dirt that a shovel can’t. Dusty, consolidated clay or hard soils can be cracked up using the pointed end of the axe.


A hoe is an old-fashioned and varied farming hand tool used to mold the soil, restraint weeds, clean soil, and autumn root yields. Developing the ground can be gathering dirt about the base of flowers (hilling), forming narrow channels (drills) and shallow furrows for planting roots and tubers. Weed charge with a hoe can be by disturbing the cover of the soil or by cutting foliage from the sources and making the land of old sources and crop deposits. Hoes for digging and removing soil are used accumulation root yields such as tubers.